2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S Extended Reach Motorcycle Review

I had been wanting to try this guy out since seeing the introduction last year, excited to see how the new tech and design would feel on the road. It was another good example of how paper stats don’t always translate to what you might expect on a ride, so always test ride before buying. Overall, it has potential. Certainly the variable dimentioning parts do a wonderful job, covering small to tall riders very well. It had some minor issues that I’m sure will be addressed in an upcoming version but no big deal breakers if you are looking for a sporty naked cruiser, whatever that is 😉

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Dave30867 says:

All the controls and gear lever and brake are adjustable i have the Vulcan s and my shifter is a lot lower than i see in these youtube videos its comfortable .

ric143u says:

I appreciate your complain about the shifter. That’s probably why I saw one video in which the rider installed a gear indicator. Best, most comprehensive review on this bike I have seen so far.

markekerr says:

by the way 5 foot 5 very easy to handle

Mason B. says:

ordering mine wednesday… cant wait!!!

Jeremy Ruß says:

Did you find out if you can adjust the suspension?

Igor Igor says:

*What is the MPG on this bike, how far can you ride on a tank?*

Andy Man says:

That bike looks sweet.

Night Rider says:

hello sir. what camera and audio device do you use. greets.

Andrew Felcey says:

good review !!!! not sure if I want one our not !!!! good my heart set on a triumph speed master !!!!!

Carl Murray says:

I watch bike reviews a lot and i have to say, your descriptions while riding are very informative compared to other reviews i have seen. You literally answer every question i think about when seeing someone ride Eg: How does it shift, linkage etc. KEEP IT UP! Subscribed

Erick de viking says:

They whent from a beautifull bike to… this. I hate the new vulcan look. It’s not a cruiser anymore.

Recycled Soul says:

I wish they would make a 800cc model.

cfgmaster says:

that fps cure my cancer.

hunter roberts says:

Not trying to be a troll but isn’t the Vulcan actually truly the entry level cruiser? It’s the cheapest one they sell….$7000 for a 2017 non-abs….

Retired Tony Ramirez says:

picture of you on this bike? 6’2 myself…thanks

kmg501 says:

Funny about the pedestrian gaff, CA driver/riders should know that law since I’m positive that CA law requires yielding to pedestrians.

John Kritidis says:

0:10 music pleace!!!!!

Caleb says:

What gloves are you wearing?

albertguti23 says:

why isnt it as easy for a motorcycle to find neutral as its in acar

Brad Bilski says:

I have this bike and love it. I had the same problem with the shifting at first too. It is caused by not tipping your toe down far enough after you shift and the pawl doesn’t reset. It isn’t that its not going into gear it just never left the stroke from the last gear change. The geometry of the lever relative to peg doesn’t allow much room for your foot. You can adjust the linkage a little bit but then the the shifter is too high when its up. There may be a need for some after market levers/linkage but you do get used to it.

nezz83 says:

very very informative review. this could be my very first cruiser as it fits my budget. thank you Sir.

Jeremy Ruß says:

Did your bike have the special seat you get if you choose the “tall” fitting? I was really looking forward on a comfortable seat

Elie Nehme says:

hi, i am 5 foot 8′” ands 170 pounds. do you think i will suffer with that rear suspension issue with this bike?

Michael Moretti says:

Those roads … cruiser heaven.

EvilJ069 says:

You weren’t using your blinkers…

Bruce Bower says:

Is the Vulcan S suitable for road trips, say 2 -3 days?

Fire Arrow says:

Nice review. l like this bike.

xavier reyes says:

Been thinking about buying a bike specifically this Vulcan as my first bike.

beasthunt says:

Thinking about getting one of these as my first bike. Good idea?

Harry Hall says:

why did they stop making the 1600 mean strike ?

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

Get a Harley.

Colin says:

I think the more quiet a bike is, the better service you do to society. lol

Cesar Ampuero says:

“this is a little brother of an Indian Scout” i love that sentences, thank you very much for this review, now i`m going for a Vulcan S. Greetings.

DannyB says:

can anyone tell me what bike the guy at the front was riding?

markekerr says:

had one for a year now done just over 3000 miles for pleasure , great bike loads of power easy handling cheap insurance

Qadjik Khachatryan says:

I went trough some videos and mainly they recommend to get  Yamaha R3 or Honda CBR300 for very first time rider. Would you recommend this or Vulcan 2016 for first time rider? tnx

isabella johanna Oelofse says:

Hi guys I”m the proud (lady) owner of one of these girls. at 1.61m tall I can assure you that it is a comfortable fit for the Vertically challenged. I have added a screen to it . Have taken her up to 159k/h, and she still had more to give. I’m really happy and would recommend
it. Good ride at a more than reasonable price.

EvilJ069 says:

Gear indicator is an option 😉

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