2014 Leather Baggers Shootout

Cruisers have always been about the essence of motorcycling, stripping motorcycles down to their core: an engine, a seat, a pair of wheels and little else. Naturally, when thinking about the essential elements of motorcycling, thoughts of the open road come to mind. The dream of packing just what you need on your bike and pointing the front wheel towards destinations unknown looms large in many cruiser riders’ hearts.

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Brian Cooper says:

I’ve been watching motorcycle reviews for 2 months everyday now and you guys do it the best. Keep it up and I would like to see more reviews on Indian please!

robinmaria smith says:

hey no Honda? no goldwing?

Christian Curran says:

harley sucks

miguel a wence says:

this spend all the time talking about the Indian talking about the Harley that’s not the professional to evaluate the quality of the motorcycles and needs to be an equal interpretation of every 1 at the end of the day everybody knows a Harley-Davidson is just about marketing but no matter what they say everybody already know that there’s other companies making better and nicer motorcycle and more reliable if you guys going to get a stock about the sound who cares about the sound

hung huge says:

I don’t understand how they get away with keeping making cruisers like this. Look at almost every other genre of bike and they move with the times or at least incorporate new tech which helps. These things are almost pre-historic by comparrisson. I’m not saying don’t make cruisers or V-twins – for this kind of bike it’s probably the best layout – but why not have better (maybe electronic) suspension? Why not use properly developed engines instead of just revamping old hat, inefficient lumps again? It just seems like they know they can get away with cutting corners so they do. I think it’s high time cruiser buyers raise their expectations and demand better.

captainengland says:

thses guys rok..not like my stupid MCN twits

Richard Neal says:

fail review, no metric (Japanese) cruisers even though many are made in the USA and are seen as very reliable.

Guy Smiley says:

that indian is hideous without that rear fender skin thing covered. It reminds me of a Honda spree moped. That triumph engine is ugly. Take a 2016 heritage with the softail slim engine, and scrape corners. Otherwise take a different victory.

Andrew McLean says:

Fuck that victory is some dumb looking, fire you entire design team immediately

Ray_Calvo says:

Motorcycle.com this is just an idea that I think would be great to see and read about. A shootout with the 2017 HD Dynas vs the 2018 now Softails?

David Chessell says:

guys I have an LT now for 18 months and have changed the pipes to the Remus mods, sounds a lot better and gets you noticed, I can say that personally as the LT lacks on some areas of styling or craftmanship and the Sissy bar is a pain to remove and fit at times, I find that having ridden the Indian and the Harley on tour in the USA the LT has a good comfort packet and has been for my old bones the best riding position ergonomically and does what I need it to do. I like the Parallel twin motor beter because of heat dispensation and less vibration. So I am keeping mine for  a long time… happy riding !

Rich M says:

test drove them all….I bought the T bird..For the money you can’t beat it…why should I pay for your advertising and fancy dealership? there your markup Valve….If I had the money to blow I would by the Indian…but who is going to steal a Triumph? ..no worries just ridding.

Paul Gregroy says:

You Guys are so professional,i think what you Say! Goes! Its hard to pick one of these cruises,they are all brilliant in their own right the choice is very much the individual.but! With all your Videos! I wish you would say on each video the one you would all realy pick! If you can make that choice.you guys are so interesting in what you say,im dieing to know on each video what bike over all.thankyou.

tony hadden says:

Tossers typical American road test

Marc King says:

My great father likes indian.

ed desimone says:

I seriously considered buying the Indian, but chose the Harley instead. While the Indian is hands down beautiful, it gets horrendous fuel mileage. It also shares the oil throughout the whole engine while Harley separates the chain case, engine and tranny. Is that a big issue? I don’t know, but I couldn’t find anyone who could explain how clutch dust and tranny shavings is good for an engine. I bought a 2015, but now the 2016 Harleys cone standard with ABS and Cruise for around 18k. Bottom line, I love my Heritage!!!!

miguel a wence says:

And just I agree they just mentioned about the seeds of the triumph they don’t even talk about the power or handling nothing at all to paint

bobkats says:

Are you guys talking about cruisers or sports bikes? Cruiser are all about whats in the word, cruiser. I was waiting for the anti American to come out, now lets get real, the Victory is no more, the Harley Heritage is for those that do not want the bigger frame, the Triumph, is about looooooong distance in a hurry and comfortable, you blokes need to be more relevant.

Snake Bite says:

I have the same Indian, it drives like a dream

Jose M Solis says:

I almost never talk bad about motorcycles (I own 2) but I just cant get over the horse saddle on the Indian.  Ok, I understand they want to be “traditional” but if I want tradition that bad I just stay with the horse (a nice paso fino).  The engine is ugly too.

mile milic says:

Mottoguzzi california is the best ever. Price, look, feal, only indian i not drive but, price again and look, technology, from my city Novi Sad to Split  in croatia 700 km, like i drive maxi scooter, harly is expensive and obsolite my english is bad but guzzi 15000 us is cheep for art, i buy best tires metzeler and greep is great. HOMEWORK for harly and elektronics on guzzi is art. My friend drive race and tell me art of technology BEATIFULLLLLLLLL 

tony hadden says:

What a load of crap, another Harley sponsored road test

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

My choice Indian then victory

LesBec Kilby says:

where is the rocket 3???

Nova Man says:

Still prefer the older Vulcan 2000cc beast.

Mr Murphy says:

Bought my Thunderbird almost 2 years ago, almost 9,000 miles nothing but gas and an oil change. It just purrs at 80 mph, all day long. Brand new less than 13k. This bike runs away from my buddy and his Harley. Not a lot of accessories available but it already has everything but a cruise control . I have no complaints or remorse.

theklrdude oo says:

yamaha stratoliner , best bike for me !

Daniel Galli says:

Should have added the Yamaha Stratoliner to the line-up…

Michael Holmes says:

be nice if they would have added the Triumph Rocket 3 Touring on there little road test

Noel Redmond says:

I’ve ridden most of these. Harley is nice but I think suffers with poor chassis design on this model. I think the chassis has too much flex for my liking. And the Harley definitely lacks power and struggles compared with other three. The Indian is a beautiful bike and has real quality. It’s oozing in quality and has a great torquey motor. I love the leather on the Indian. It is your Lincoln or top range ‘Oldsmobile’ with beautiful lines, long suspension travel and just floats along all day without giving too much trouble. But it’s far too costly. It’s dearer than the rest and that goes with parts, servicing and accessories. The Victory…why would you bother. It’s as ugly as a robbers dog. It’s uglier than my mother in law. I’d sack the design team on that. I don’t know what they were thinking. That back tail light is hideous. To me…I’ve picked the T-bird. It’s a great cruiser. Offers plenty of comfort and room for long haul trips. It has a great chassis and fantastic suspension. And the seat….wow. I’ve already done 600 Kilometres in one day and got off feeling like I was never on it. The ride comfort is unbelievable. And it’s backed by a large range of accessories and after market products. Not too expensive to own or run and it’s much cheaper than the other three. The ride and handling of the T-bird was the winner for me.

Jacob James says:

Easy way to steal a windshield

wildweazzell says:

Stick to your Honda scooter PD60.

tyson1ize says:

triumph for me ..

MotorPsycho says:

I can’t explain but heritage best for me

James B says:

should have been a 110 roadking in this mix…

Gavin Edington says:

I ride a 1950 Harley Panhead chopper. I’d choose the Harley just cause it means the most to me lol

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