2013 World Cruiser Shootout

We compare the best cruisers from the United States, Italy, Japan and Great Britain. Read on to see who comes out on top.

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MrJabber22 says:

i’m thinking about making the jump to becoming a motorcycle rider..can anyone give advice on what type of cruiser to start out on

Ned Miller says:

no boss hoss?

Your Nightmare says:

where is THE new VTX model who must sweep the way before them

Joe Burke says:

Put a 100k mile on a Harley , then add up repair bills. Ill guarantee its higher than the rest.

Todd Cockrum says:

At your price point should have had the triumph storm and victory Vegas but opinions are like butt s everyone has one.

malcolm mathers says:

these boys dont know shit from cley

Livinrawguy says:

Yeah you got redesigned Harley wow dual headlight big whoop and this dark group crap, why not do something with the ancient pushrod engine folks come in now how long have we have overhead cams?. HARLEY DAVIDSON you pay for the name and thousands of dollars in constant shop time crap 400 dollars for a oil change and the engine has parts that break down before you put any serious miles on it just reading reports. While most metric bikes run for years thousands of miles before you even need to do anything major whats in a name if the reliability is not. After reading many reports of owners of Harleys I think I will buy metric or a Victory. Sorry owning a bike is a luxury yes but having to throw money at it all the time ain’t for me I want something I can hop on and ride for hours not just to take it to the shop.

Wajahat Chaudhry says:

My Suzuki C90 rocks, fuck HD

1400IntruderVS says:

These are not very informative videos.
The brief over views exclaimed for each model tells me little to nothing.
The Triumph performs well, but where in when compared with each of these other bikes?
Which is more confidence inspiring to ride?
Which is the smoothest over rough pavement?
I know a couple come with ABS but what kind of braking performance do each of them have?
Drag race these mules and then tell me where the power is at.
Stick the tallest and shortest testers on each bike for a spell and give me both perspectives.
Stop telling me a Harley is a Harley. I know that already. I also know not all Harley’s perform exactly the same.
How about an objective review instead of a show case?

Javed faziljaved says:

HD is basically a tractor

Jimmy Rustled says:

No M109r…the best value for money bruiser bike on the planet….fail review.

40mmrrsmith says:

I rode all of these bikes except the Star. I also tried out the Harley Wide Glide, Suzuki Boulevard M109, All the Indians, & a used honda VTX 1800. I bought the Triumph.  Some of the others have more HP which only means something if you are raceing. It’s more important  where that power/ torque is made. The triumph seens to have it’s full amount of HP & Torq available from 0-100 mph & anywhere in between. The Harley is the most beautiful (not the one in the video) the Moto Guzzi is different & ugly. The Star looks really good, but it is just a blinged up Harley wanna be. The Triumph is second in looks but is not trying to be a Harley lookalike & has custom looking paint fit  & finish. Triumph’s brakes are the best I have ever experienced on a cruiser.  Ride them all for yourself & buy the one that makes you smile.

Riding with Nathan 52 says:

Here… Harley will always look classic

Jack Stonington says:

Pretty small shootout for being a world shootout. What happened to the Indian Chieftain or the Suzuki M109 or the a Victory?  I think they could have done a little better job in the field of cruisers.

Mr Peter Pan says:

who wants air cool mbike these days …..except Triumph

Michael Hughes says:

What is the beginning song

Brian Holbrook says:

Did the guy in the red shirt work for Harley??  Damn, get him a bib, he was fawning all over the thing!!.  I am so sick of people using the term, but its a Harley.  Big deal!!

sk8777kid1 says:

Love my v star that I got, but nothing sounds like a harley.

Googel+ says:

Ride all four across Europe, Swiss mountain passes, no fuel for miles, and crap road surfaces and then tell us which one is best. My guess is the Guzzi, followed by the Triumph, but that the Triumph will do the trip without any problems at all.
Having spent 40 years on all sorts from dirt bikes to sportsbikes, I am now thinking of trying a cruiser, and that Triumph comes out tops for me.

Livinrawguy says:

Duh Star is Yamaha just like Victory is Polaris

john robert says:

Kevin Duke sounds like he smokes WAY too much weed.

Livinrawguy says:

Where is the Victory cant have another USA competitor of course than they would rightly so give the win to Victory. Sorry Harley Victory is stealing your Thunder they deserve it modern technology and classy designs something HARLEY is lacking.

David S says:

4:55 – 5:10 YES, a lot of bikes could use a sixth gear or Overdrive. My 86 Honda Shadow had overdrive and I absolutely loved it. Wake up bike makers!

Noah Webster says:

Why wasn’t the Triumph Thunderbird Storm tested? They comment in the video that the Thunderbird hasn’t been updated since 2009, but the Storm came out in 2011 and it has 100 more cc’s, dramatic blacked out features, and the “very triumph” bugeye headlamps.

Night Rider says:

*These bikes are soooo boring.*

дон Большой says:

Where is Honda Shadow ?

B L says:

The song is by audiology it’s called the sun over tokyo

captainengland says:

for my money its the star..just looks ace…2rd triumph.3rd moto g.4th well the ole oil leaker.

SAL ROB says:

I am looking at buying my first cruiser byke, and this video was very helpful, thanks a bunch…. I will say however, that more and more, I’ve been finding The Harley Davidson’s bikes as being very Overrated and too pricey and expensive…

Dragan M says:

The Star is copying the Road King, looks good.

Richard Neal says:

lol, stealing and copying Harley cruisers cache and you say that while testing a Triumph!! Someone needs to study the history of cruisers. Way back in the 50’s Harleys were considered junk ridden by crazy old bastards and the best cruiser around was a Triumph or Indian.

Florin Nitulescu says:

the FatBob looks sick! Can’t wait to get my first Harley!

Jose M Solis says:

My two cents and by the way I really don’t hate any bike, I like them all but I do have my favorites:
Star – Big power….but over styled (there is such a thing)
Triumph – Cool bike…but looks like one of the other’s little brother
Guzzi – High performance and efficient (of course coming from Europe) cool looking in its own way…but underpowered and weird looking to the American mentality.
Harley – Its a Harley (there is such a thing) and by the way we are not in the 70’s and 80’s Harleys are high quality machines now…but this one is not my style of Harley.

mbsnyderc says:

The take machines made for long road trips and drive them around town all day.

Strat Man says:

nothing touches that Roadliner in this class!!!!!

LesBec Kilby says:

every body knows what ever bike is tested in the US it will be harley is the best!, but will all know different..
Harley simply is living of thier name and lets face it they are the best at maketing thier brand.

Ronin Williams says:

Harley if u r white..Black bike week. has such a love for bikes ,it makes no difference what u ride.If u r white…H.d….only brand allowed.sorry.I love all bikes but I grew up in myrtle beach..

Sigurdur Hreggvidsson says:

No m109r wich is the KING 

pressendforspanish says:

The Star Raider kicks all their asses!

Rowan West says:

Enjoy move swing dump lunch charge consciousness spokesman beauty

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