2013 Light-Heavyweight Touring-Cruiser Shootout

The Honda Interstate, Suzuki Boulevard C90T B.O.S.S. and V-Star 1300 are the new breed of light-heavyweight touring cruisers. All are smaller and lighter than the heavyweights and all cost less than $15K.

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Paul Gregroy says:

I have a 2009 Yamaha Vstar 1300,naked bike,all Stock,at the moment.i think that deluxe version done well in your other video

Runeguy33 says:

Honda lowered the MSRP of the Interstate to $9,999 for the 2015 model.

Chris Lagemann says:

Bought a 2013 C90T BOSS new off the showroom floor.  Awesome motorcycle.  the extra 200cc’s or so make a big difference.  I also own a 06 C90T.  What a total difference.  Love my 06 and love this one.  If Honda had come out with a competitor, or had not discontinued the VTX1800’s I would have considered that.

Rick Clines says:

Having rode all 3 of them within the last couple weeks, I do prefer the VStar 1300, and that is what I am picking up later this week. I really wanted to like the Honda, but it just didn’t impress me. My current 900 had more punch in the throttle. The Suzuki was nice, but it was just to far away and there was nothing that it had that the vstar didn’t have.

webterrestrial says:

That beat is Kickin!! 2:38 😀 Let’s go v star 1300 Deluxe.

Johnnie Swint says:

Nice looking motorcycle

Hock Ooi says:

Should rename it to Japanese Touring-Cruiser Shootout

Truth Seeker says:

once you go Jap, you never go back….. or at least till you can afford a Harley :/

freechet says:

Where are “Indian” bikes ??

cmblake6 says:

I have a VTX1300S, and I love her like I did my ’59 Panhead. That says it all.

Okie Rider says:

Great video, guys!

kfsh man says:

kawasaki nomad is best in this category

Jon Langston says:

It’s called the Crazy Horse by Milwaukee Leathers (MMCC)

kinjie flores says:

 hey guys i love ur bike
 try her in the phillipines ride it on

milo74156 says:

where is the honda f6b

- iza - says:

Nice review, thanks for sharing !
(could someone tell me the name of the intro song?)

pmh1nic says:

Very much enjoyed the review. I’m not a touring bike guy but enjoy learning about all types of motorcycles and riding experiences.

Ultra Sabers says:

The Cross Roads is not a light heavyweight, it’s an 800 pound super-heavy right up there with the Road King, V2K and M109RT.

The Freedom V-Twin in a Victory is 106ci. The bikes in this review had 80ci and 90ci engines, which is a significant difference.

Not to mention, at $18k, the Victory is in a completely different price class.

Mike Samson says:

I own the 2013 B.O.S.S. actually 2 Wife and I purchased. Just took a 4 day 300 mile trip ended up in Ocean Shores, WA for the Motorcycle sand and surf run out of the thousands of bikes in town as far aswe know we were the only B.O.S.S. owners in town We were asked about these bikes everywhere we stopped, and by all different bike owners. They all really liked the “Black out ” look.The Lg size of our luggage bags. This bike is truly so comfortable to ride. It really is such a great ride.


i have the star tourer with windshield…swapped out for memphis fats w/lowers-totally transformed over stock shield…..batwing looks uglier in person!

25spireites says:

these lads reviewing these bikes are a joke. nothing has been stated about the handling of the bikes or have a got it wrong and they are actually pannier/ saddlebags salesmen as that’s all they’ve been talking about, I don’t reckon any of these jokers know anything about bikes.

David Lindquist says:

You never mention how it is to actually own one. How is it to service them etc? I think cruiser people want to do pretty much everything them selves(at least the cruiser owners I know) so no “service cost only 2 grand at dealership”. I know it would mean a lot of extra work for you but its really important for us cruiser owners. Also pleace bring in someone with a little height. I cant really compare to you midgets 😉 and have had my share of back ake from to small bikes.

RP says:

I care about two things one ground clearance other comfort first. After ask your self air cooled or not, it may depend where you live and ride .. Sit on a Triumph Speedmaster after siting on the others very nice more leg room than a Star Bolt or a sportster. Where they went CTX700N would be perfect Honda at 6999 only.

LS650 says:


Alan Bell says:

What about a Harley Heritage Classic?

O G says:

If it ain’t kawasaki it ain’t shit.

Gavaller says:

Does anybody know the music at the beginning?

Galen Warren says:

Let’s see.. the best thing you could say about the Interstate is that it would “look cool” if you pulled off the windshield? Not one word about how well this bike tracked in turns despite the significantly different rake orhat the Interstate is first and foremost a cruiser with touring capabilities.  Let me guess…unless it is the undisputed champ of touring (Honda GW), Honda simply hasn’t made a thing designed to run off the dirt track worthy of mention, am I right, lappers? These guys just lost all cred with me.

Butch Craven says:

Many are not interested in an HD.

marc prussein says:

the guy wearing the red shirt is an idiot , of course he has to say what he did but that bike sucked no power an is straght up ugly

dontraian says:

Intro song, pleaseeee! ! ! ! !

TR5T says:

Love the Suzuki!

james hamm says:

I had  C50 BOULAVARD loved it. all day riding comfort, great leg room SUZUKI takes taller people into account. Mine never let me down, regret trading it. wanting a bigger cc bike, went back to YAMAHA. Should have stuck with SUZUKI, another life lesson learned I guess.

lakecrab says:

How does the Bat-wing fairing stack up against a standard lexan windshield aside from cosmetics? My VT1100C Honda, bought used, came equipped with a 19″ Memphis Slim windshield . I installed the quick removal brackets because the old brackets were bent. I am considering the Memphis Bat-wing using the same brackets.

Jim Laubler says:

I need to learn how to get through the Motorcycle.com library.  Where is part 2 for their final evaluation?

muhammed anwar says:

vulcan missing

Bruce Morris says:

Its a River Road Rambler from their Vintage line. I have one, extremely comfortable. About $250 to $270 depending on your size.

Larry Hardy says:

i noticed the C90TBOSS does not have running lights on sides of the headlight (in addition to turn signal function) as the other two do… is this on purpose?

jay blanco says:

yeah!Fuck you Masonic prick

Rodrick Dubose says:

honda is dog ugly

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