2011 World Cruiser Shootout

What do the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan have in common? Cruisers! We pit iconic motorcycles from Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Moto Guzzi and Honda against each other in our World Cruiser Shootout.

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mikenco says:

Go with the bike that makes you smile, every time 🙂

PoddyWack13 says:


Mohammed Aljasmi says:


Nick Steensels says:

I do not like the Guzzi.

orangecrush1976 says:

I wish there were some quarter mile times as I know how fast it is compared to the others. I own a california and am certain it can stay with and possibly beat all but the thunderbird in most all aspects. It will cruise as well as tour all day with an 1100cc engine. It is just so unique and people are always asking questions when filling up.

Space Cowboy says:

i’d take the triumph or the guzzi

William Schuver says:

I would take the triumph and/or the guzzi! HD would be last.

2008calander says:


Ramtin Kazemi says:

pickin up chicks? r u kiddin me? what kind of “professional” MOTORCYCLE review is this?

Alexandr Saidov says:

I have a “sushi”-bike. Only in black.:)

vin nathan says:

would a diavle clasify as a cruzer??

amathew3646 says:

good stuff. uploads at 2 am? aha

mikenco says:

“spaghetti”, “hot dog”, “sushi” and “bangers and mash”. I’ve just paused the vid. Obviously no bias here. But based on the introduction, I wonder who will win?

william manzare says:


mikenco says:

Kudos to the team, I really thought they’d go with the ‘Merkin’..l

woodallaj says:

I agree with 2008. I have all 3 of the 4 and I like the triumph the best. However my yamaha 1100 is about half the price with bags, back rest, windshield. Very happy with my silverado…

Daryl G says:

moto guzzi looks more like a standard with a v-twin.

twanginblues says:

4:17 is that a scrape? Haha

MN Nourzay says:

Triumph all the way

FR says:

So what the americans say is that if a manufacturer makes a motorcycle that have same styla as Harley it is a copied design. That means that the americans never can manufacture a motorcycle that not is a cruiser cause in that case they will copy designs from the europeans or japan. Typical american idiot philosophy.

Topthai23 says:

4:15 harley suck for turn

ariba hombre says:

The Moto Guzzi California was a damned good bike . Brilliant engine design for proper cooling , good fuel economy , decent performance , and very good handling .

MrJimmy1437 says:

I know only to well what i’m talking about. I have you phonies all figured out. I can spot a showboating phony a mile away!

Faisal AL-Maiman says:

love it but I wish the review was a bit deeper ya know

n Vegas says:

Harley-Davidson 4 life

Kevin Baxter says:

Honda sever or however its a fury

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