$17,499: 2018 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS Candy Cardinal Red Review

Please enjoy Mainland Cycle Center’s look at the 2018 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS in Candy Cardinal Red. Mainland Cycle Center is located in La Marque, TX just outside of Houston, Texas. Please contact us TODAY for a NO HASSLE drive out PRICE. We want to earn your business!

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Ray Brodie, Jr says:

Very beautiful Bike!

xxdummyfreshful says:

Why is the final drive (belt) on the right side of the bike, would have looked a lot nicer if it was on the left!

Dexter Scott says:

Great resale value maybe get $5000 dollars for it when you trade it in for a Harley..

Kabira Riderite says:

Perfect vid as always Just one thing could have shown the dash switch on Thanks From India

kinooohasi says:

i prefer air cooled engine.

aviezek says:

it looks like hd roadglide classic

Howard D says:

I have a 2012, I love it! A great riding bike!

Rick G. says:

best looking fairing of all the baggers.

Takingout thetrash says:

At least it have 6th gears. Other vulcans only have 5, which sucks because u can’t stay in the interstate for long. The engine will stress to much

TX Camper says:

I’ll take it! Developed an interest in this bike lately.

Jode Ville says:

Is that a boat or a limousine? Turned a Kawasaki into a cow.

Dexter Scott says:

Harley Davidson knock off at its best..

Rec Pro says:

I always pick up something I can use from your videos… Even on an old bike LOL

Raimonds Steinbergs says:

no gps?????

MrDlfen721 says:

Could’ve lit the dash and made some noise…

Andrew Marlow says:

Only for use in dry weather

azfirewiseify says:

What? He didn’t turn the key on that thing and let us hear what it sounds like….?

Ryan Santos says:

Beautiful harley! Oh wait…!?

Bluey Sc'erri says:

You do a Very good rundown on the bike, I`m Impressed with the whole Thing !! > Thank You !!

Bigdaddylove83 says:

I am 5’11 with 29 inseam would I able handle a big bike like this one Especially with stop and go thanks

Randolph Johnson says:

Keep it up Kawasaki,very nice bike,please make another,kz z1 that is new but has the old look,we would love u for that.

Joe Phinney says:

Nice! The only thing that is missing is navigation. Is the fairing fork or frame mounted?

Rakibul Molla says:

Vary nice bick

Matt Rayner says:

Nice review Albert.

Dave Edwards says:

Stereo system is outdated and a joke at best.

BrokeDownBob says:

After looking at every possible bike available in the USA, I choose the Voyager. Can’t beat the price and its comfortable to boot! I get mine in Oct 2018.

Big Dog Rolln says:

I didn’t hear how many gallons it holds and how many miles can you get out of a a tank of fuel? Nice presentation though

Robert Robb Sr. says:

NICE! My local Kawa Dealer in Calif only carries sport bikes so I’ll have to drive 3 hrs away over the mountains to LA to see one in person. I’ve been a Harley owner for years but I’m giving up on Harley because of all the problems with their bikes. Mine spends more time being repaired than ridden. I’ve not heard of problems with the Voyager other than the wire under the gas tank shorting out. Did Kawa fix that problem? Need more custom after market parts made for these IMO I’m waiting for the sale & price drop into $13k range. Wish I lived in Texas. Calif liberal Dems have ruined my home state of Calif

I help anytime says:

But if I lean the bike a little too much, the rear things will scratch the ground.

V Star 1300 Adventures says:

Nice to see the trunk opens without having to have the passenger get off first. top opening bags are my preference as well. Side opening bags if they are not latched can really hook you up with an exciting ride. That price point for all of that motorcycle is pretty amazing. I had a friend drop $50K for a 2018 Harley Davidson CVO. I could buy this brand new and have enough cash left over for more than 300K miles worth of riding experience where as he would just have the bike. that makes a monster difference in values to me.

Ruben Soto says:

Wish you show us bike on for sound and display

Larry A says:

Can you get this bike with Navigation?

John Burdette says:

That’s a beautiful bike ! very nice I agree.

endofsociety says:

They have come a long way

Mr. Avery says:

I rode this bike one day while getting my Suzuki M109R Limited serviced. Needless to say, I was totally unimpressed to say the least. Narrowed it down to a Indian or Harley bagger, about to retire, my M109 is great, however it’s not a bagger, and I’m planning to retire in a few years and do some riding so I’ll need some luggage space, sound system, fairing, GPS, and all the other amenities I will need for the highway.

Pat Downs says:

If that doesn’t make your monkey jump then your monkey is dead

Avneesh Singh Tomar says:

That’s a well built bike with a very good descriptive review, everything in details…. Perfect

Wooley689 says:

Really nice bike.

Un cane says:


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