Yamaha Stryker // A Modern Chopper?



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shaun ward says:

I ride a 2011 Yamaha Stryker it’s an amazing bike

Jeremy Aelmans says:

A little bit bigger? The Raider has a 1900cc engine. buuuuuuuuut…..The Stryker is more affordable and looks just as good. And really, who needs 1900cc for commuting? There is no use for such raw power, standing in traffic. But then again, It’s nice to have a beast to show of in style.

Great video Dan.

ghostshadow says:

I want to see the Indian Scout FTR1200 when it comes out. It sounds / looks pretty interesting.

RamTruck says:

2:35 rev limiter lol

john benjamin says:

if harleys are gutless,why are jap customs the size,power and speed?

Jonathan Norris says:

You’d really like the Raider then.

Grumpy Old Biker says:

You think that Stryker was fun you need to get your hands on a Raider. 113ci.

LZ Martin says:

this is a sportbike riders cruiser.

CB Keith says:

thank you. great honest review

MotorsandMetal says:

Dan check out the Rocket 3. 2300cc’s of fuck

Sean Butler says:

Thats YOUR MAGNA, a stock magna would destroy the stryker in the twisties. My 97 Magna was smooth as butter till 7.5k rpm then it would buzz a bit

Ryan4233 says:

this was the bike i was going to get. Made an agreement with my wife that i wouldnt push to be on a motorcycle if one of my friends was ever in an accident, a few months later my buddy was hit by a drunk driver and i had to give up the dream. Just glad my buddy lived to ride another day

Will’s Wander Over Yonder says:

Glad to hear you like the Breakout, just bought a 2017 back in May.

jimmy mitchell says:

I have a raven edition. If I could leave a pic on here I’d show you. I love that bike! Gets a ton of attention!

Peter Harris says:

I’d love one my self and HD’S are over rated I think,, love the sound of this bike.

camryn bedinger says:

Test ride the raider

Smckinney3 Mckinney says:

Hey Dan, I too must get on the bandwagon of doing a test ride on the Raider.i just traded my 2003 Suzuki VL 800 intruder on a 2014 Raider brand new,(was a hold over ).but it is a BEAST!.100hp around 115#ft torq..check it out,see for yourself.

Richard Wells says:

Dan buddy, would you please ride a Vmax. I think you would love it!

Death666wish says:

Do they have Hyosung bikes other than the GD250R? I’d love it if you test rode the GT650R.

Jamie Wiltzen says:

review a victory cross country or a cross tour/ magnum / x1

M. Daniels says:

thanks for the Stryker props!

kolby4078 says:


ShadowDPS Motovlogs says:

I love my Stryker. 5 years old and still running smooth

Barry Beemer says:

how about a chile rating like on wings??

jonathan parsons says:

the big boy yamaha cruiser you couldnt think of would be the raider, 113 CI v twin, also your magna is 34 years old

Eh Green says:

Fucking love these. Especially the green colourway!

Rude Rider says:

it’s nice that yamaha still uses the same fuel cap and mirrors of my ’98 xvs ahahaha

Ernesto Guevara says:

My brother has this bike, it’s comfortable, more than my harley!!

ElectroMoto says:

My dad has 2016 Stryker and he swears he would never ever cruise on anything else.. and he has been all across Europe on that thing. With his girlfriend on the back. He says it’s the most comfortable thing to cruise on. 😀

supakamario says:

Raider > Stryker……

brickson98 MotovlogsAndGames says:

Nooo not saddlebags. Don’t do it to the magna. lmao

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