What you need to know about owning a chopper! Best delivery of a bike EVER! How to maintain chopper

Why did the chopper market crash? I believe it was lack of understanding on how to maintain them! Along with the ridiculous over-pricing didn’t help either.
In this video I show you the “need to know” common maintenance items of a custom motorcycle. I came up with this idea as I was selling my chopper to an out of state customer. I wanted the next mechanic to not have to work so hard on learning the features of the bike. Afterwards I started thinking what a fantastic idea dealers could do when delivering a bike. Make a video, throw it on a flash drive and give the buyer!

If you own or are thinking about buying a chopper, then this video is for you. Harley Owners will find value in it as well.

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Keep Wrenching,
Shane Conley

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You will see that many of the tips and procedures used are universal for skill sets “every mechanic should know” and that the biggest value to my videos is the teaching of these skills that are not found in a service manual.
I often get asked this question:
Q: How does one learn these skill sets “every mechanic should know” if they are not found in a manual?
A: NUMBER 1…..GET DIRTY and start wrenching.
-Ask questions
-Find a seasoned craftsman to mentor under
-Tech schools can significantly speed this time up
-Research, read, watch YouTube videos
Tip: You will never learn it all from one source or in a short time period. No matter what craft you are trying to master, YOU must be dedicated and put the time in. THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO LEARN THAN DOING! I will say it again, you must actually do the work to master it. You cannot just watch or read about it and master anything.
You want to be a master bike builder, mechanic, welder, nurse, carpenter or you fill in the blank?
-Don’t take for granted opportunities to learn deeper
-Be humble and seek advice
-Be intentional with your learning plan
-Don’t blame a school, job or your parents for not giving you ever answer, go get it!

I teach a motorcycle/powersports technician program at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City, Iowa. These videos are used for review of labs for students and creating a deeper understanding of the lesson/skill set. As there is often more than one way of doing something, may you enjoy this free information as much as our students do in person. PLEASE HIRE OUR GRADUATES!

If you would like more info on the program feel free to contact me @ 712-274-8733 ext 1204 or email shane.conley@witcc.edu

Are you interested in a career in the motorcycle industry? Click here for information on a great technician and parts specialist training program:


Johnny Gee says:

Nice to see a video of a guy that actually knows wtf he’s talking about. Very few and far between.

Although I don’t personally care for the overall look of this particular bike, I’ve gotta say, you have a lot of nice features on there for sure.

As far as the ‘Sprake’ goes, was that something you had to have machined or were you able to buy it like that? Pretty cool idea.

tomcata1467 says:

Cool, first Twin Cam Harley I have seen with a chain drive, unless, my eyes are deceiving me. All TCs I have seen have a final drive belt.

John Shagawat says:

Nice job Shane looks great !!! I buy loctite by the gallon for my
Chop yes it all shakes loose at one point !!

Chow Chow says:

Now I’m really impressed this was very professional, and I will. Thanks and good job.

CJ Pierce says:

that is a beautiful bike and a great video

Mark Fox says:

I believe the chopper market crashed from over saturation and people that did buy them realized how terrible they are to ride past 10 miles. Unless you just like cruising through you local city or town these thing are terrible on the open back roads to ride.

tomcata1467 says:

One of the best looking well, crafted and great profile, choppers, I have ever seen. QUESTION:  Is that a single cam, S&S engine or Rev Tech engine? What is the Cubic Inch displacement?

tomcata1467 says:

Shane Conley: That’s a first for me on a TC, thought my eyes were deceiving me, thanks for clearing up the what I thought I was seeing……ride safe..

ghostdog662 says:

That’s one sweet ass , done right chopper. Dig the chain drive. You should do a TV show but only for the right reasons.

Steve Elmes says:

I have a 82 FLU with a rigid mounted engine. I check the bike from front to back once a week and still have had my front exhaust pipe , rear brake caliper, handle bars, seat, battery holding strap, throttle assembly come loose because fasteners backed themselves off. I always recommend carrying a toolkit that will save the day on a regular basis.

Imoverit2 says:

Wow, this would have to be one of the best videos ive seen in ages. Well spoken good info and a awesome looking chopper. Well done, cheers

James a. Miller vi says:

hey Shane my names is jimmy, from deptford new jersey, i just watched your video on selling your chopper and giving us & your buddy a heads up on how to maintain a chopper the right way, AWSOME STUFF by the way. yah so iam not a mechanic, but a do a little wrenching on my on stuff. i feel u bro on having second thoughts bout selling your chopper. i just sold mine.it sucked to sell it but needed money. thank the lord i still have my 01 FXSTI .iam about to do my first engine up grade ever on a harley. going from 88 to 96. i owe it all to u . i have watched many of your videos with your class at training center. by the way shout out to your camera guy. that kid cracks me up .no matter what u say he like YAH ,YUO, YAH,YAH, he is much funnier than i am .he rocks !!!! anyway yes i am attempting my first ever harley upgrade. i thank you shane for that you are a outstanding teacher and mechanic . love love love your attention to detail your awsome bro thankyou !!!!

Star Fighter says:

Nice bike. It was the over pricing that did choppers in. Most bought them for garage jewelry.

YakAtWests says:

man what a great video

BBWulf says:

Thank you for sharing.

Chow Chow says:

Do I buy one or not. I’m on the fence is it worth it. I’ll be a weekend street rider. No long rides . Help need opinions.

M Whitelaw says:

Nice vid man
keep spreadin’ the good stuff brother

Peter Blauvelt says:

cool old school style

John Shagawat says:

How much did you sell it for if you don’t mind? Thanks buddy

Beto says:

wow man, u truly know ur bike. I wish I could find a mechanic to take care of my chopper the way u do urs. Great job bro!

f preston says:

that spinning washer is going to ware away the alloy overtime. vibration

Joshua Mcleland says:

its a custom not a chopper, that frame is not cut or stretched, and its all stock parts… not trying to pick a fight or anything but thats not a chopper

rbaleksandar says:

All the problems you’ve mentioned point towards really shitty engineering. 😀

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