What it’s like to ride my 1850cc chopper. A little cruise on Dave Sadler’s HARLEY EVO chopper

What it’s like to ride my 1850cc chopper


Frederik Johan DB says:

God… it’s a nice sounding bike !

Future Fungus says:

1850 cc ? Are you European, you don’t sound like it.

Tellin'ya What_it_is! says:

50 mph in a school zone and sitting on a revered harley chopper in tennis shoes from wall mart. Shame on you.

VoxanGaming says:

it doesn’t have a speedometer?

ZedLethalityOnly 17 says:

@Dave Sadler How much is that harley cost?cause im going to buy it 😉

Joe G says:

sounds like fire crackers

Tellin'ya What_it_is! says:

Sweet ride egghead

Mar00nn says:

great video 🙂

John R Dyson says:

Great bike and great ride out!!…

Dave Sadler says:

It’s a 2006 Harley softail with a 12 inch stretch and 18 degree rake..It’s a Balance and blued Ultima 113 El Bruto 1850cc with all forged race innerds because the initial plan was to have nitrous but it is not needed. It has a large Mikunni carb but I don’t recall the size. It is all custom pipes with Vance and Hines chrome covers  Has a programable crane cams ignition.  and is all hydrallic clutch, 300 rear tire set up. Baker six speed, Hydrallic brakes and clutch. All riding on a Legend Air Ride system. It uses Ultimas 3-1/3 open race primary to a right side chain drive with a sproter brake caliper set up on sprocket. I didn’t do the initial build but I have done a ground up restoration and upgrades. So Yes, I can say I built her.THANK YOU MY BROTHERS FOR ALL THE POSITIVE COMMENTS!! I LOVE HER SHE IS MY BABY DOLL

RickAlpha3 says:

What’s really nice is a biker who rides with distinction, pride and common sense. Having a great looking and operating bike is nice but what makes it really great is the biker who runs her. Bravo to you.

wwemanrd says:

she’s a beauty…that ride was my meditation lol..

Google play Hacks Inc. says:

no offense but this thing really sound like farts

Tellin'ya What_it_is! says:

I ride 1700 trike. With boots on cause I be 80. YRS old.

Trukerinfulleffect says:

You got yourself a bad AZZ chopper,looks great and sounds bad AZZ ,did u put it together yourself ?,is that a 111 S&s motor??,by tho way the gopro works great

PeterDad60 says:

You do not have enough gasoline related items in your life. You need more! The world revolves around good ole gasoline and the sound the V-Twin Harley-Davidson Engine makes when you run fuel through her.
Ok , that was my attempt of a funny post just to be different.

I thought you did a good video and enjoyed the ride. The carb seems to be set just about right judging by the tone of your pipes.

Dave Sadler says:

Thank you kind sir. She’s tuned by my ear and that’s where I like her

Keith Dainton says:

Nice bike the only thing I would say is that I would never ride dressed like that but that’s only me each to there own.

Visegràd says:


RoboGamer ™ says:

so awesome 🙂

Harleykenn says:

I can’t hear hardly anything!

connor jones says:

it seems like its pretty light do you know what you wet wieght is?

janna 2014 says:

awesome machine

Ivan Richthofen says:

Purrs like a kitten

Gnarlyygaming says:

Very nice , I got my first street bike not too long ago, I’d like to eventually get a chopper as well.
She sounds amazing!

Dave Sadler says:

Thanks Frederick

Awesom Awesom says:

now that’s a nice ride

Dymitr Myznykov says:

this is Texas ?

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