West Coast Choppers El Diablo II Rigid WCC

2005 West Coast Choppers El Diablo II Rigid made by Jesse James & WCC in Long Beach CA.



gotta love that sound…

Jean Kuldieu says:

Mewants El Diablo !!! Kould yuh tell me pleaaaaaazzze where 2 geddit, as well as where to learn how to ride it ? Fangzzzz !

John Ryan says:

A springer would look so righteous on that bike!

Jake Duchesne says:

I want this bike sooooooo bad

5252dan says:

very nice.

tcspeed1 says:

El Diablo are the holy grail of WCC bikes….. very seldom do you see one for sale.

Christian Nelson says:

custom chrome sells them

たけきく says:


pit man says:

Bad ass ride

MXnMetal says:

LOL Don’t hate son it’s not a good look on you

Humberto Moura says:


Walt Fechter says:

The bars look a bit like K&N Superbars (or late 1980s H-D XLX 883 Sportster bars) but only a bit taller. I’d say that Jesse built these bars.

bmbristow says:

Do you still have this bike or know who purchased it when it was on eBay? Thanks!

Brian says:

What a nice maschine i love it

A Rose Griggs says:

Love the Bike! Any chance you are ready to sell?

Eagle Eye says:


Dustin Beach says:

Hella Badass Bike.

lakecrab says:

Or Awesome!

James S says:

still a bad ass bike ..

David Daneau says:

Velcro? Your a fuckin idiot…thats a west coast chopper not an orange county chopper rookie

bopdoowop1 says:

Nice bike; all business. So much better than those Easter egg looking bikes.

lunker73 says:

listen to that beast, no one makes bikes better no one””

johnny rodriguez says:

jesse james el diablo chopper, ” live like god, ride like satan!”

Jake Ja says:


Laurent BASTIAN says:


Shea Crowley says:

he’s not my savior. stop pushing like a drug dealer

budsaplenty says:

Yeah you sound real stupid boyeeee have you ever rode a bike with one of Patricks thumpers between your legs? JJ builds bikes to ride into the ground if you want to Hardcore dont even come close to James machine

Sonny Fish says:

That Chrome frame is nice 🙂

JAYMAG Brownstone says:

He is the man!!

lakecrab says:


Larry Brasher JR says:

sell it to me..I RIDE BITCH

fatboymig1 says:


Mike Greer says:

And people whine and cry about how expensive Harley Davidson’s are.

CtWhiteboys says:

Holy grail is right. Love the Diablo

CanadaBud23 says:

LOL! He thinks he knows bikes, it’s the same comment on every video, he’s just some nub.

Billy Bootlips says:

Yeah….a West Coast Chopper that looks as cheap and plain as a Hardcore II $18,000 kit bike yet the guy probably paid $60,000 just because it has that worthless punks name on it. It’s good news that Jesse moved to Texas and stopped ripping everyone off with his plain shitty bikes.

Jake Duchesne says:

How much would said bike cost is the question

jpque27 says:

what kind of bars are those!?

hitzdaskinz says:

Sweet bro. I have a Hardcore II and I still want a WCC. Little distictions in the frame make the difference. Best.

Chris Steepy says:

how much does that piece of crap cost


Bellissimo, entusiasmante. Bello sarebbe metterci il culo sopra e godere come pazzi. Magari un giorno sperare di portarla in Italy.

Дима Евлахов says:

Hi, I was wondering where you can buy a tank?

GETCHA'PULL 777 says:


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