West Coast Chopper

West Coast chopper CFL , 88 cubic SS, six speed baker


Mike Mo says:

badass fkn bike bro

SketchedOutKat says:

WCC bikes are starting to skyrocket value. You might want to keep this one.

DopeArmy says:

Is this bike comfortable to ride? The position you sit in, is that uncomfortable or does cause any discomfort anywhere in any areas? I’m looking at getting a bike like this and I wanna know if it will be fun to ride after 20 minutes or if it’ll kill my back after 5

Joe Campbell says:

Amazing chopper

SketchedOutKat says:

One of the nicest looking choppers Ive seen on you-tube. Sounds bad ass and the dimensions and color are perfect. Nice to see a cool looking guy riding one of these bikes, normally its an old fat guy lol

jt bone says:

What a douche bag.like hes going to lower it?? it’s a work of art why fuk with it douche?

Porkchop's Papi says:

Well, the chopper craze took off in the early 1970’s. But I guess it exploded in the 21st. century. When I was a kid a TV show called then came Bronson about a guy who rode a custom Sportster got my attention. In the mid 70’s the Hell’s Angels released a movie about their life. That got a bunch of us guys attention.

Kortney Yo says:

Best chopper hands down, and the guy looks badass

Robert Touchstone says:

88″ are for little GIRLS! And those pipes suck!

Zefside82 says:

Jesse James bike’s will always be in a class of there own.

scarr397 says:

Still have this bike? Im building one local. Bike looks sick man

Vic Chavez says:

Thats not a Jesse James

Pleasant Lake Pirate says:

I’m glad WCC stayed true to their form. At the height of the chopper fad, the garbage theme bikes and alien vs predator bullshit were unbearable. and here we are years later, shit storm passed, and CFL’s looks just as killer today as they did in 2002.

Speedy Speed says:

Don’t even think about getting rid of that bike that thing is badass. Jesse James bikes will be worth big big money as time goes on. That guy with the bagger is out of his mind he doesn’t know what the fuck is talking about.

Peter Griffin says:

The OCC Spiderman vs Batman bike is way better, all the webs and shit coming off the tank, the bat ears for forks…just the over all detail. The bat boots for exhaust pipes…etc.

Gunluver1 says:

dont mind telling you this but 1250cc swapped sportsters outrun 103’s. The S&S motors have different compression, better flowing heads, pistons and so on that trump any harley motor. It’s a shame cause harley knows what to do to make more power but on the dyno ive seen 103’s make 84hp and 100 ft pounds of a torque. Thats a joke for a big motor when guys modding their 883s or 1200’s with 1250 kits and cams are seeing 120-130hp on an 500 pound bike. So i believe your bike outruns 103s all damn day.

Robert Martinez says:

sounds nice…nice look…those pipes tho…scary

Doubledge007 says:

I hate when people try and tell you what’s in and what’s not. Get what you like. You’ll always be happier for it. Wicked bike bro. Ride on.

bigant29 says:

Bikes sweet stance is on point

Benjamin Varner says:

That’s one badass bike

wildeyednorthernboy says:

what a peace of shit BOY,u buy it ,cant build it and it is flat black,that sure and the FUCK has been played out ,yourr a wantabe LMFAOB

Andrew Ordonez says:

What size is that rear tire? Sick bike!

Kenneth Robinson says:

choppers lol

Mac Diddles says:

Most motorcycle accidents are on bikes like these. Hard tail section bikes are the more sketchier bikes you could throw your leg over.

NR Leger says:

bikes come and go but you’d have to be a fool to ever sell that Horse, that’s a bitchin bike!

GSHhockey91 says:

Love everything about this bike except for “FTW”, Just wondering about how it is with long rides 2.5hr+, I’m only 20 years old now, I grew up watching all the jesse james and OCC TV shows I love the Chopper look still. I was lucky enough to purchase my first bike when I was 19 a 93′ sportster I chopped it a bobbed it out, i’m looking to upgrade and I don’t know if i should go for the chopper look or a bigger bagger like my father has. I love going on long road trips so i was wondering how comfortable it is for a long ride. Great message tho ride what you love to ride dont listen to anyone else.

sdq sdq says:

look like that bad ass dude , every mum warn his child about , haha

Kortney Yo says:

Love this bike

J-Koff 2 Memes says:

only thing im not a fan of is the exhaust

tj 1911 says:

uhhhh he said skuls

No Hope In The Pope says:

CFL is the best looking bike ever. Screw baggers!

Harley Davidson Breakout Ducati Panigale 1299 says:

Modern day Fonze 🙂

Since73 says:

Jesses bikes will never go out of style, they’re works of art!

Matthew Nielsen says:

Are you from Rochester NY? Your accent…

John Ryan says:

What is the passion for skulls?? Geez!

Matt Cipolla says:

3:17 “Scare this little kid…”

Robert Touchstone says:

LOL I ride a 120″ 155 HP 148 FT LB torque 07 FLSTSC!!! BIG BALLS BIKE! And Jesse is the BITCH! And a West Coast BITCH!

the 35 yo gamer says:

just the shit i dream

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