WALKING DEAD motorcycle. Daryl Dixon’s Triumph Chopper

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Meet David Mcgee, the ultimate fan of the walking dead and its breakout star Daryl Dixon as played by Norman Reedus. David loved the show so much he decided to make his own replica of the original chopper from the Walking Dead. He calls it the Rolling Dead and takes it to comic cons all around the country, all just to share his passion with fellow fans. Not only did he follow his passions in motorcycle customization but he also gained a whole new family when he started cosplaying characters from the walking dead. Through his new found passions he’s found a whole new way to meet new friends and discover a whole new world that most would think silly. He does it all in the name of fun. In his 60s he’s now found a new lifestyle all around cosplay.

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Bradley Flume says:

BAD ASS! great filming and amazing build

moparedtn says:

Now see, here’s the thing Chris…
Absolutely nothing about the subject of this particular video interests me,
particularly literally beaten to death zombie apocalypse premise of the show.
Further, I’m no Triumph guy either.
It’s a tA video, which I’ve subscribed to pretty much from the get-go, so I kept
it up on my “to watch” list and waited to be in the right moment to watch it… which
I did this morning in the wee hours.
Of course, I’m glad I did – because again, you “get it” about this sort of thing.
These mini-documentaries or profiles or whatever are all about the people and their
stories as much (or even more?) than the actual car/bike/whatever itself.
The prop from the show may be the “hook”, but it’s how the people came to fall in
love with the idea of owning one, building one, restoring one along with all the trimmings.
It’s people and their stories.
You know this and present it beautifully.
I for one appreciate that a lot.
– Ed on the Ridge

ARD's Corner says:

Another fine video….smooth editing and music. The tick over on those engines….so lazy and a floor to ceiling piston stroke. Looks like it was sypathetic to spine realignment….or maybe not

Livelongmetal13 says:

I never noticed the SS symbol on the side

HaXaW 5150 says:

This has to be one of the coolest videos I have ever seen and Im retired, so I watch a lot of them. That warehouse was perfect. I wish it was mine. And man, the bike is awesome. I wish I had that kinda talent. A grand slam for both of yall. Thanks for bringing this to light.

Mark Jacinto says:

We should get more bikes

Cowboy_Matua says:

Love bikes! Keep finding great stuff! I love you videos!

douglas mitchell says:

Let’s get the Terminator 2 Fatboy!

Mike Morris says:

It’s awesome and I know it’s supposed to replicate the dead chopper, but I can’t get over the ape hangers. Just… No.

Mr 60 says:

Cool! Very cool.

MYPKA Miller says:

Awesome video!

Superb Media Content Creator says:

Yet another exquisitely shot and edited piece… good to see a new video from you…

Brian Dos Santos says:

And yet another Great Video!

Tim Owens says:

Your videos never fail to please.

Luzy Outcast says:

Does anyone know where I can get the frame I trying to build the motorcycle and all I’m missing is the frame

SPcamert says:

Beautiful work on that bike. Attention to detail. Love. That’s what makes a good movie car. That said, choppers just aren’t my thing. I really preferred Daryl’s Honda from the later seasons.

Sam Solo says:

Hey Chris!! Glad to see your back at it! The foot must be healing pretty good if your jump starting the bike! 🙂 As always, great video. Thanks!

Waffle Taco says:

I dont know how you aint a producer on a big car show somewhere. You make really good videos.

bluesharp59 says:

Great video and a Thumbs Up liked. Merry Christmas also.

Taylah Hoffs says:

So good to see u back Christopher!

Yuri Tereshyn says:

Awesome video Chris! Now the 2 fast 2 furious Mitsubishi’s!

Pykris Burton says:

I seriously want this bike

first class junkie says:

Hey,…to each their own.

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage says:

That’s awesome. I love this thing.

J D says:

Die SS-Schutzstaffel und der Totenkopf ist überhaupt nicht cool

Jonathan Thomas Crist a.k.a. says:

I want that bike now

Anthony P says:

Cool video. AWESOME bike. I’m a bike enthusiast and rider and a HUGE Walking Dead fan. Love it. Norman Reedus for President!!

Treyson Savage says:

You should Try and Build Daryl’s Bike He built at Alexandria. That would be cool.

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