This just got EXPENSIVE [XS650 chopper build series part 3]

This just got EXPENSIVE [XS650 chopper build series part 3]

Parts List

7/8 throttle Assembly

XS650 Engine Bolt Kit

Hughs Motor Mounts

XS650 Mid Controls

TC Bros XS650 Carburetors

28 minute long vlog… who do you think you are the TV?! I guess I could have separated this into two different vlogs but I felt like neither one really stood on its own so I combined them. Much love to anyone who actually makes it through the whole thing. More vlogs coming on the Yamaha XS650 chopper build so stay tuned and subscribe for more!

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Henry Potter says:

After you slide your Buffing wheel on you are putting the collet or washer on backwards. The indention is to go inside of the polishing wheel and center it. Kick ass videos keep up the good work

John Whittington says:

Those carbs will be WAY better brother.

SkidPig says:

Hahahaha fuckin love it!!!!

72+HourBOB says:

Simichrome polish.

72+HourBOB says:

Those carbs are the only way to go.

Jim W. says:

Try Mothers mag polish. It worked for me.

James Haydon says:

Looks pretty good to me, a well cared for older motorcycle always looks better than a new factory finish in my opinion. I think you did a damned good job.

Ryan Donato says:

Pre heat the parts in the oven. The key to polishing is building heat.

Hepcat Harley says:

Shiny is nice but patina is better 🙂

Eurus 21 says:

Should paint the angine back!

First Last says:

You need to use the red or Tripoli with the harder wheel .then use the soft wheel white the white rouge . The white is the final rouge to use

Nate Silva says:

What is that machine and pads? I need one badly lol it might not even help but if you know Brasso you can find it in Wal-Mart and this stuff cleans and polishes , I got 30 year parts that are just now seeing the light of day cause of Brasso

dannyb20 vtec says:

Bad ass video! This channel is fuckin rad.

Stephen Cooksey says:

try autosol now a comes up like chrome

Jill Monroe says:

Awesome video!

uglybob says:

hi dude , could you give us some tips on how best to paint the engine . im just doing an xs project myself and im a complete novice . engine was a decent runner so didnt want to strip it an powdercoat it either .

quasimondo1933 says:

$17 for a whiteboard? No wonder you blew your budget!

baudellio charles says:

Xs650 bobber is cool but I like the stock xs650 motorcycle

Denis says:

Any updates on this?

Bruce Kirk says:

I moved my custom bike shop to central TX if your looking for full builds message me or

Frank Hubbard IV says:

How did the frame come out

Serenade the Cimmerian says:

If your bench grinder has variable speeds, once the cloth wheels wear down to little more than cotton, you can drop your dick on it for a quick pick-me-up. Attach a small shop vac to your asshole, and you can kiss your girl goodbye and keep the bike for yourself. You would also double the number of productive hours in any given week. – Since I wasn’t replacing much talent (cooking, cleaning, blowjobbing), I was able to hit up the pawn shop. I should have done that years ago. Turns out, your worm spit makes for a pretty good polishing compound as it sticks around a bit longer. And remember! Once you’re a single guy, don’t mention “grinder” when your buddies ask what you’re doing tonight. They may think you’re queer.

Major Garrett says:

aluminum foil rub with diet coke tell you no lie e

Lonestar Cruzer says:

You know you’ve been polishing the crap out of something when you look like you’ve walked away from a silly string fight.

theKing ofCrows says:

Question to anyone, ’81 xs 650, electronic ing., coil, regulator, stator….everything good & working. Carburators cleaned so many times I can do it in my sleep. sounds like it wants to but will NOT pop off. Im out of ideas, point me in a direction.

Micco The Service Dog says:

Might try some Mother’s Mag and Aluminum polish. Works great on several types of metals. I use it to polish custom knives that I make.

Jeff Bingaman says:

Try Blue Magic Polishing Compound.
There’s some people that polish truck tanks and wheels they make their own compound polish and sell them, you might be able to find them online I can’t remember what their names are….
I talked to a guy 10-15 years ago who was making a polish called rebel. It was great but only he sold it.
Whether he’s big time now I don’t know.
Looked up rebel polish and it looks manufactured.
So if somebody stole his name or whatever idk.
There were some great polishers around Eloy, Arizona at a truck stop called sisters truck wash.
They could chrome up aluminum to the highest standards.
But that’s 10-15 years or more ago as well.
But they might have tip vids from back then?

What’s with the torture music at the end. Sounds like it belongs on a the next Hostel movie during a quiet moment where some guy is sharpening up his freaking blade to cut somebody’s liver out so him and his pet rat and eat it

Engir says:

Why do you want a mirror finish?

Austin-C Media says:

in my experiences with polishing aluminum is to use 600,800,1000,1200 because by going in that order not only are you mechanically polishing the metal but you are filling in the crates left behind, so when it comes time for the final polishing stages, the end result will be perfect

chadlyhowlett says:

I use autosol metal polish with the wheel and wax after to keep it protected no paper unless there is corrosion in the aluminum.

sportster davidson says:

Try mothers power ball on a drill with mothers polish wipe clean with a soft towel thats all i use and my aluminium looks like chrome i did my whole bike in an hr

aquaticdiver1 says:

Shadetree……..great video. You seem like a great guy. Answer me this. What is patience?

Cam Perry says:

Is there an update on the build anytime soon??

Yegor says:

Mike’s xs sells better carbs for 350

Micco The Service Dog says:

Looks 10 times better than it did black. Nice work!

SouthernxLord says:

Wish you would continue this series…

Pepe Pepe says:

Pubs in you area serve drinks on plastic-made glasses? That’s dissapointing.

Denis says:

So any updates on this? I just started on XS650 build myself

Dan Harvey says:

If you really have to start at 400 you need to go up in grit by 50 each time. So next would be 450 then 500 then 550 etc…

Dan Harvey says:

To get it shinier don’t start at 400 grit start at wet 800 then go to 1000 then 1500 then 2000 all the way up to 3000 after that start using compound and buff it

Big Al says:

Mothers is more abrasive then your final rouge

superdave2112 says:

I admire your dedication to the aluminum polishing. I only did that once, in the late 80s on a little ironhead chopper. What did I learn? It just dulls again. Screw that! Glass bead that ugly bastard and call it good!

How about those black boogers? Congrats on the fancy frames! Now build be a sandwich!

Bruce Kirk says:

Couldn’t fix ur old carbs…we’re the casings broken

Electronicdawg says:

guy reminds me of the Pillsbury dough-boy’s evil fucking twin gone full retard. You need to polish that shit, use the rouge and put some pressure on the buffing wheel

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