The Dark Ride is Test Driven by Matt Beal – Road Rage Performance Custom Choppers and Motorcycles

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In the video Matt Beal take “The Dark Ride”, a custom chopper built by Road Rage Performance, for a test drive. Checkout this sweet custom chopper and hear what a tuned to excellence motorcycle engine can sound like. After watching this video visit Road Rage Performance at their website mentioned above.


kolor khemist says:

Nice blinker BMW cunt

Karl sson says:

Can somebody tell me what song is running at the beginning of the video?

Mikey G says:

He is a little short for that one no?

Wolfreespirit Rebel says:

I have built better chops.

Super Kyle says:

Nice bike but what a wimp ridding it, took forever to pull out into traffic, maybe you should stick to cars buddy.

Rumple Stiltskin says:

I could never understand why anyone would have a bike like that.  Not only is it hard to ride with its hard-tail, but that seat wouldn’t get you100 miles and you butt would hurt, not to mention that exposed primary belt drive just waiting to grab your jeans and rip you leg off.

Ignacio Zurita Pomeri says:

Hermosa máquina


Handle bars need to be pulled back. Homie can barely turn that fucker.

josh perry says:

What frame is this? What company makes em? Looking for a frame to get here soon to start my winter build.

Eli Butterfield says:


Kevin B says:

Just bought a CFL, nothing like riding one and watching people stare.

Jim Piver says:

gudda gudda blat gudda gudda pop blat  drip  gudda gudda…

Jimmy C says:

OMG that’s a nice CFL!

itsahellofaname says:

Christ, the guy can barely reach the controls – fucking hilarious. Why not go with a setup that’s more comfortable to ride?

sdq sdq says:

thats what happen when a short dude ride a overstretch bike , look like he trying to do a pull up .

Jaciel Angeles says:

Sup bro! Trying to build a bobber and would like to know what frame did you go with?

IM LINK says:


Daz Is Back says:

nice look , sweet sound, i’ve had a hard tail chop with no spring seat that seat looks like luxury compared

JAMMIN4U therockartists says:

The pipes sound tough.Sharp bike.Old school new school.

Anthony Garcia says:

Badass bike

Stoyan Denkov says:

Hello. Can somebody tell me what custom bike is this? Thank you.

toddyballer21 says:

Sounds like my Uncles chronic flatulence…

grayboo212 says:

01:12 – Yeah, those bars are quite a stretch.

Brandon Mize says:

Complaining all choppers look the same is like complaining all cowboy boots look the same. It’s kinda on purpose, except for the silly details… Idiots. At least they built/assembled it instead of riding the next year’s GSXR or street glide off the lot. Nice scoot.

Tin Tin says:

It looks like Daryl Dixon’s two stroke bike in The Walking Dead

terrance browder says:

Now that’s American made!!! No more crotch rockets for me

mr gruff says:

those bars are for wimps,put some proper apes on her man..

jalan says:

Well that sounds like shit.

Michael Henville says:

Dam BMW must have been low on blinker fluid

Jones Sri says:

I’m like

doncarlo5 says:

everything is perfect on this bike … nice tank, nice frame, nice spring front end, all spoke wheels, this bike is a beauty and a classic … I wish we could ride rigid frames in the country I live …

bob bobo says:

Man I like it. Running a little ragged tho. Not a tour bike but for riding around town it would be a blast.

navin babji says:

oh god…ewwww…that handle bar looks so ugly on an otherwise great bike…

GunNut BikeNut says:

that bike is sweet people that bad mouth it are just jealous and the apes are awesome are they road rage bars or another brand got 16s with 4and a half pull back risers wanting to change it out to z bars with 18 to 20 inch high and short risers

Adrian Avalos says:

Dam, bad ass bike!!!

man93dark says:

That monstrous sound hot damn

Closer2theheart 68 says:

Why would people bitch about a bike like this if it isn’t theirs? I personally don’t like apes and I am 6’5 265, but it is a sweet ass bike in every other way. It’s cool if someone does like apes because it’s all preference anyway.  As long as he’s riding, he’s doing good.  Nice bike dude!

ftw10xxx says:

Cool bike….looks & sounds great

Richard Brooks says:

sounds great

Navy Jumper says:

Bike sizeXXL rider sizeM… nice bike though

Crixus The Gaul says:

I really like this bike, it has some tough looks to it, but its not over the top at all. Kept somewhat simple. Not a fan of the spider web stuff but again, its not overdone. looks easy to scrape with turns, but wow look at that seating position! This is one of the cooler custom choppers, I’m not into the big flashy stuff. nice job guys

Mariano Fraschetti says:

what´s the name of this beautful fork?

route 66 chopper says:

krásná čistá práce,gratuluju……………czech republic  route 66

Søren Justsen says:

top Nice

Charles Irby says:

Like the shape of the bars but…they’re too damn high! Chop them 8 inches.

Tony Lilley says:

Handlebars are too high, the bike looks mint but stretching like that isn’t practical

Chatkanok Samukketkarn says:

I like to see

20 20 says:

what engine is on the bike had a look at the website of theirs but doesnt say on their either?

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