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At just $3,195, both the Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit cafe racer and Heist bobber massively undercut every other motorcycle out there. At just 250cc, they’re also smaller than most bikes. Bargain or bogus? Grant and Wes take CCW CEO Scott Colosimo riding in the California desert to find out. For more on motorcycles and CCW, check out


M H says:

I would rather buy a crash damaged Triumph 1000 or something like that. $600.

s ga says:

I don’t like to watch people eat

s8adeur says:

i thought this was going to be a review. i just watched a 9 minute commercial waiting for a review…

Robert S says:

250cc? Sorry I don’t want to get run over by a Prius. No street motorcycle ever should be under 600cc

Richard Brown says:

This is total bullshit.

guth axor says:

thats awesome I live near constant stop lights this would be perfect plus ive never ridden anything other than an old cbr so hell yeah

Jean S. says:

Totally would pay it.

Clearanceman2 says:

Paid $650 for a 1997 Vulcan 500 with 1950 miles. Never been dumped. It’s wonderful.

dudelivestrong says:

Cleveland is not the mid west..

Michael Gallardo says:


jonnda says:

This is tempting, but so is an old Honda… But realistically, I bought a used car for that much.

john biggins says:

small bikes make sense sometimes

Mark Samek says:

China shit

calholli says:

You should have went with the same motor.. but 450cc … then I would be interested.

Andrew H says:

Where is the sidecar for my cat and mid priced wine?

Koshunae says:

I really like the cafe style

Average Joe says:

But I would take one of those bikes any day!!!

Alpharius says:

Ok now where the hell do I get one?

Michael McCants says:

rideapart hell yeah i just did a cross country ride on an almost 40 year old kawasaki 250 lol

1Kurgan1 says:

Is it just me, or was this video filmed at like 10 fps? It’s extremely hard for me to watch.

TheTHEelectroBEAST says:

Got a 750cc v45 honda magna for $1600 just saying….

Samuel Wear says:

Looks and sounds like a custom bike, but it comes from the factory that way. Very cool!

vector6977 says:

Looks like a great bike for around town or just starting out.

Jack-Spicer says:

sad ass music, crappy video editing, who made this garbage?

JPVegh says:

Agreed! Low mileage Honda Shadows and Yamaha VStars are cheap as shit and can be found everywhere. A little shopping can easily produce clean vehicles that have NEVER been dropped for VERY reasonable prices. As long as middle aged men continue to have mid life crisis the market for cheap, clean, well taken care of used bikes should continue to be plentiful for the foreseeable future.

Flyboy1776 says:

in 3 minutes I was sold.

Jogl Mcbuckel says:

250s are slow as hell

Average Joe says:

Love it!! Want it!!! I own a 74 CB750 that I cafe that I built myself, even made my own fiberglass rear fairing

Baa Ink says:

nice classic bike …for 3 grand mmmmm i need the information pls i lookin to get 250 cc heist

Missy C says:

I am only interested in the following reasons…

A) I’m a light, short girl with short ass legs and cannot fit most bikes.
B) I like the looks and feel of a Chopper and this looks like a mini one…which I find is awesome.
C) I’m not looking for something huge as I don’t need huge. I only care about looks and is easy to handle, easy to care for etc.

JPVegh says:

“People think it’s an old Harley”, lol! What people? Millennial douche bags?

RamseyLEL says:

It sounded cool, then they started spewing the bullshit. Really, people “think it’s an old harley”…yea ok lets not pretend like it doesn’t look like a customized suzuki savage. My first bike was a ninja 250, so I have a soft spot for 250 bikes. I hope they succeed because a larger framed 250cc sounds good for us taller people. But it is a cool entry level bike or one for city/suburb riding. It’s not gonna handle the twisties like a bike with a more advanced suspension or be a comfortable highway bike.

Dranzo Draack says:

they haven’t figured out how to spell “works”

Joop Gord says:

Bikes like this sell for just over £1000 in the uk,
Throw away engines

Vlad Smith says:

Nope can ride that on the west coast. It’s sounds like a fart machine.

Royal Luxury says:

I’m 14 and look for a motorcycle under 3k any suggestions

777superduty says:

let’s talk about our feelings

Philip Kaskela says:

this is cheaper than my race bike (bicycle)! that’s scary

Archie Beech says:

sorry scott. most hipster, newbiker cunts and pretty boy there will STILL google ‘how a screwdriver works’.

T B says:

Now if someone made a car with the same concept that be awesome

Joop Gord says:

A cheap Chinese engine by the look of it

Nathan Webb says:

I don’t know why but I think I have fallen in love with this bike by only seeing it in a video, I want to go out and sell my Yamaha XS850 just to buy this and I don’t know why

Brian Butthole says:

you got this 100%right. this is a solid idea and I want one. your car industry statement was dead on too. you could get a car From the 80s or 90s with all the same features as a brand new car today minuses satnav or hybrids only difference is that the car with all the features and spec of today cost 1/3 less in the 80s why ? the 90s were not that long ago cars should be getting cheaper not more expensive

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