Test Ride – Mini Chopper – Resurrection 4

UPDATE 2015-12-29: The bike and the other one I had like it was sold back in January 2013. Sorry to everyone that wants to buy them from me, but they are long gone. I got them from an company in Texas back in 2007 which is no longer in business anymore for a reasonable price (I will not discuss prices on here, so don’t ask.) If you want me to build something like it for you (better than the original chinese junk this bike was built from) then send me a private message and lets discuss your budget.

This bike starts and runs really well, I didn’t run it for long or leave it on charge for long enough so the battery ran low but I charged it back up and this machine was eager to go!

Diemuzi helped me using my camcorder, as well as took a ride up and down the street on my mini chopper after I bump-started it down the driveway,

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Wrong Turn says:


MyThrillKillKult says:

49 cc  is my weed whacker motor

SlapShotGaming says:

What kind of engine

Ivan Briones says:

how much would it cost to build one like the blue chopper you had

Buddy Blankenship says:

what’s the engine make and size? what’s exhaust setup iv seen a bunch of these online is that the factory engine btw to the first question, also do u know anywhere that sells rolling chassis’s w/o the engine/trans eBay sells the v-twin 250cc that I’m assured is a bit more powerful and will have a pleasingly nice exhaust note thanks for info

Mason Zimmerman says:

hey man, love the chopper and am looking to build one simular, what is a good gear ratio for a 1 speed chopper?

ViceVersa Musik says:

OK…..Where can I get one of these or build one?? plz help

Stacey Zunner says:

still got the chopper

Sherri Acosta says:

how much

Clinton Franklin says:

I want one!!

Axe says:

Great for 12 yr olds.

Frank da skank says:

i have a 49cc mini chopper i ask how do i get the front wheel to extend and also do they break down if you usee to go to work and back like 6 miles every day use

Stephen Cannon says:

We’re can I get one of those or did you make it

victor belton says:


CustomJ says:


Mo Vlogs says:

Are they legal in the uk

United Volksstrum says:

where do you even get the body or what not ??

david welch says:

where can I buy one of these?

James Thomas says:

where did u buy it at and how much

Ivan Briones says:

are you still building bikes

Devon Kirby says:

I have one exactly like that but the guy I got it from hacked the rear fender down so mud fly’s on my back and there isn’t a front one either, does anyone know where I can get them?

Francisco Villarreal says:

hey how long did it took u to make it I want u to make me one just like that one but in black

Carmen Gastelum says:

Where did you get it

just looking for truth says:

What do I Google and what size height do I look for , I like that size

edwin ar says:

hey man where do you find forks ? i need new ones for a mini chopper i picked up .can you please help. you seem to get your hands on great parts. thanks in advance

Артур Шагияхметов says:


Deniz Blaze says:

I wan to one

Dr Pablo says:

how did it sound that cool my 150cc scooter sounds do gay can I make a scooter sound cool?

Ronald Cameron says:

mini bike chopper ship it to my address77heller hill road lot43

Ruby xmoto says:

I own 3

Ruby xmoto says:


Doug Hollister says:

Do u want to sell it

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