Awesome little “mini chopper” that goes 45 mph. Very rare and collectible. This is a 2009 with 7 miles and has never been titled. Street legal. For Sale…
This Chopper is a replica of the $150,000.00 Chopper that was built by the Orange County Chopper guys on the TV Show.


Tibor Nagy says:


freakineagle says:

Thank you for the awesome comment Scott! Have a happy, loving, day.

Patrick Doan says:

I have this exact chopper haha

klaas de haan says:

Mine goes 100 kmph 🙂

4 way gamer 17 says:

Nice rat rod

madbadmachines says:

its mine

spencer shaughnessy says:

look up on ebay
you want to look for a price range of 800

Eric Dorshefski says:

Where can u purchase a mini chopper and the best place to get one I’ve been dien to ride one

TheBosier Boy says:

how much

MDSsystems says:

Not rare by any means ! U noob

freakineagle says:

Sorry, it sold. Thanks

Kongen i sin ghetto says:

i got one of these mine go like 25 mph thats kinda like 45/50 kmh

freakineagle says:

Probably. Thanks

freakineagle says:


freakineagle says:

Just check the ‘net. There are a few for sale once in a while. 12 to 25 hunert.

klaas de haan says:

He cant drive for shit , And if he can , He is failing in bieng cool 🙂 let him has his poor fun 🙂 i got one myself ( its much nicer ) . but jeah.. i made my point

Yolanda Major says:

give me a call 6140430

madbadmachines says:

go to spencer shaughnessy to see it

Xiayer Crayton says:

is this for sale

Daniel OLIVIERI says:

Not a “chopper” but a “bobber”, man !

Randall Delikat says:

where can i fine one to buy used our new less

William Riders says:

I love it

Aung P Lian says:

Can anyone help me where can I get this mini chopper?

demonsparkx says:

i had one a lot like it but 150cc it hauled ass too good 50mph maybe more

freakineagle says:

Sorry, it has already been sold. Thanks.

tammy btrue says:

How much do they cost n where can i get one for myself?

litttleraaat says:

That sounds so nice for a 125

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