Shovelhead Chopper

Ride through Montana and Idaho. Highway 12 along the Clearwater River.


Jimmy Warlich says:


asa maley says:

is this bike still for sale???

james kelly says:

awsome ride

Gray C says:

WOW what a road. I’m from the coast of North Carolina so it’s pretty much all flat and straight here.

Dippythehippy 420 says:

what year is the bike?

John Shagawat says:

What your hurry passing all the bikes ??

Steven Immel says:

Where’s the clutch?

Dajaun Norris says:

nice ride guy.

finlay rudd says:

Please could you do an overview on this bike?

Vic Jacoby says:

Did you make those bars? They look perfect for the ride!

borelius says:

Just amazing.

Mike Canada says:


Ragecage07 says:

right on love the sound of the bike rather then music. I tried riding buddies bike with bars like this man it was a learning experience

Ryan Santos says:

Kool video well done!

Nic Erdman says:

I will second another comment. Thanks for not putting shitty music over the video.

Carlos Leroy says:

This sound is pure, nice simple enjoyable ride, please abstain of adding music to your ride vids. Enjoy!…

Jerry Davidson says:

Perfect! Camera was positioned just right, road was beautiful, and no shitty music covering up the bike sound. Excellent scooter vid. The JD has spoken.

Andrew Killen says:

Im not familiar with these types of bikes but were’s the clutch, is it automatic?

george lucas weiss says:

man, that camera image is amazing. awesome ride too

Art Mchugh says:

just imagine if he had a bike that handled ! NO FRONT BRAKE! good thing its a slow bike .

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