Schwinn Stingray Chopper Restoration

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Callum Woods vlogs says:

Late but what camera do u use

BloodZomBie2005 says:

I have the same bike but its motorized

Caitlin says:

Hey griffin, you should do a draw my life

Chance Smith says:

I got mine for 20$ brand new condition

Polochinchin Lin says:

Wow, genial!!!

lukas430000 says:

Great work there. I just purchased one from Gumtree. Looking forward to restore it. What did You used for cleaning front fork and removing rust from seat post? Wire brush?

L.E.S Most Wanted: Raul RealTalk Tello says:

Good show old chap

AIM says:

i got the same bike…. lucky find man (cheers from America)

Diana Stratton says:

Brilliant work. Well done

cameron's vlogs says:

awesome !!!!

Austin Nash#Gaming says:

I got a green one it will be a make over its old saw hell but it will be new

Adrian Heywood says:

Really impressed with you buddy! Go to it! 🙂

Cloud 4shadowing says:

I have an electric blue OCC stingray chopper. Its impossible to find original parts for it. My back tire is completely bald and I lost the chain guard in a move. But it’s still my baby!

Special Visual Effects VFX says:

You are my man! 😀 You ride in Land Rover and you have Stingray. The best combination of this! 🙂 I was just surprised you were sitting behind the wheel before I realized you were from The UK 😀 Thanks for the video. Greets 4 you. Juri from the Czech Republic.

kings fire says:

this is my first ever tme seeing this channel but ur doing great keep up the good work

mindciller says:

Best yt vid ever!! Feel free to check some of my bikes out

renzoku163 says:

Congrats on your chopper

Omu Negru says:

how tall are you…just want to picture how big is the bike

CabincheyGamer996 says:

I have that stingray that you showed in image. I have a black Schwann stingray with fire design

yournamehere says:

Wish I had that bike

Ann Howard says:


Callum Woods vlogs says:

And great video

John Samson says:

Came out really nice, man!

Gregory Davis says:

I got the same make as that one as well, made it ito one hell of a Rat-bike, nice work!

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