Long Fork Chopper Ride GoPro RAW

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I know crazy long fork choppers aren’t for everyone but even if you don’t like this motorcycle you’d got to admire the insane craftsmanship on display here. FNA and Fat American Choppers are amazing builders and I’m happy they let me do a feature on this bike… so I hope you guys show em some love on Instagram!

To me, this kind of bike perfectly exemplifies the anti-everything attitude that I love about choppers. It’s even ANTI chopper! Till next time y’all, keep it weird. #shadetreearmy

Would YOU ride this motorcycle??? The Glam Fairy Chopper


bellebaboune says:

This bike must be hard to ride.

gvente87 says:

certainly not a practical daily, but still tits none-the-less

Patrick B says:

I admire the skill, and craftsmanship, and really dig that engine, but nope…that ain’t for me.

meandering _ says:

This man is the essence of a righteous. Smother then cream corn.

daniel thon noschang says:

Fuck that man. You can’t even see forward on that thing. I find it kinda necessary to see where I’m going when I’m riding hahaha great video, wicked bike

MotoMatt says:

This is what i came for

Deluxe Chimp says:

I’d love to squeeze that chop in between all of the Glides lined up at the local watering hole – just to watch the egos deflate.

Steve Reach says:

Its radical and beautiful but it makes me wonder if Florida doesn’t have some law against a bike that obstructs your forward vision that totally. Real nice exhaust note, the engine rebuild is one of its best features, a lot of nice steampunk touches like the brass gascap. The paint kicks ass

Spencer Allen says:

Mad respect.

R Mang says:

Yup I’d definitely fuck that bike up

fireballrust says:

That bike is completely bad ass, and seeing this video made my day much better !!!!!!

Carlos Haderspock says:

Do you guys ride near south florida? I live in fort lauderdale and would like to ride with you guys at least once

Lunch Meat says:

Love it. Wouldnt ride it but love it.

Little Stevie Letch says:

Sounds like the camera is picking up the mags… Lol!

Serious.Skids says:


shadetree surgeon says:

For those that “get it”, no explanation is needed. For those that don’t, no explanation will be sufficient. -Michael Redcrow

302tbird says:

jesus that bike is so old school badass. it terrifies me on how to ride it, but fucking badass

Rob Feral says:

2 words. Functional Art.

Jack Stearns says:

Thank you so much for showing us the raw footage. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week.

Steve Reach says:

also it doesn’t seem to potatopotato like a normal Harley … retimed?

CM MOTO says:

hahahahaha… wow i makes it look so easy, insane

Andy Owen-Wardle says:

That would do my head in having to keep peering round the side to see where to go. I can appreciate the workmanship tho and the time put into it.

Ryan Flatt says:

Just did the MSF Course where you have to pass the figure 8 test in a tight box…riding Royal Enfield 500’s was a blast! I can’t imagine that test on a chopper! What a rad looking bike and inspiring build. Art being built to admire and ride! Can’t beat that.

Mystic Madman says:

Can you counter-steer that thing? Nice bike, tho!

CravinMorehead420 says:


FXDLS1990 says:

I’m so used to seeing you ride the Ducati from first person view… I’m not used to the 3rd person view of the dad jeans.

steven facemier says:

I so wanna give that a try.

DarkLordofTheSith says:

That was a great day to ride a awesome bike! I liked the bike, it was very nicely made and designed, and it takes a lot of strength to ride one handed , its also very badass!


Very cool. I like this.

William Volkmann says:

that can’t be controlable as speed

Michael RedCrow says:

– you know you have big balls made of weapon grade plutonium when you not only can ride that, but immediately take one hand off the bars and cruise like it’s nothing.Awesome bike and mad skills !

Fritzy Pacific Northwest says:

Most boring video ever. Just kidding, that was fucking balls. The sound of that motor is boner inducing…. Sorry, said to much. Bye.

steve zistmon says:


Timothy Midkiff says:

Just shifting alone would be cumbersome enough for me to say nope.

Chris Gould says:

Would I ride it? HELL YES. Would I do it one handed? HELL NAA. Would I take it off road? HELL YES.

Remlik says:

Form over function to the extreme

Richard Gray says:

How dose it work without a clutch?

james spencer says:

Beats walking

TheFamousNate says:

The dirty worn out jeans and beard go perfectly with this bike, but my favorite part is he has to tilt his head to the side to see where he’s going. It’s unbelevanle he’s even allowed to ride this on public roads.

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