Kawasaki H2 chopper maximum acceleration RAW ONBOARD GOPRO

Builder and rider of this motorcycle


Eric from FNA customs gettin sideways on the Kawasaki H2 2 stroke chopper. This motorcycle ins INSANE.

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Justin Riley says:

My question is did that originally come water cooled? I’m guessing no

Andy Owen-Wardle says:

My mind is confused! I expect a thumping twin noise and performance but actually get race bike sound and acceleration! Awesome work!

Tippytail McKitty says:

If Satan had a weed Wacker, it’d sound like this.

JetSki_3384 says:

Even though I just watched the edited version of this last night….I enjoyed every second of this video as well. If I get a smile from ear to ear just watching this – I could not imagine actually taking it down the street a few times. Great stuff. Thanks for posting it.

John Shagawat says:

I love the seat that’s my favorite part……. the whole bike looks great !…….I’m not to far away I’m in Ga you’re in fla right?



Patrick Hatrick says:

That bike is the shit!!! Always did love chops with Jap motors. Lol PEACE!!!

Riding Japan says:

I met to film more street legal 2 stroke bikes here xD

jimjam 81 says:

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something as much as I want that bike!!!

kawadude mcdouble says:

I need one of these engines in my life!

Charles Dolese says:

Just subscribed!! Love it!! Abundant and well placed profanity, drawings of cocks, bike crashes, mid-life crises, biker chicks, beer, and great instruction on how to be a real biker!!!

parsivalshorse says:

Those kwaka triple two strokes were fantastic fun. Screamed like a banshee, bent the frame into knots. I remember riding my old S2 and trying not to wheely.

Chris Trumbly says:

Looks pretty squirrely


That point of view looks plain scary to ride. I love it!!!!! hahaha!!!

Deluxe Chimp says:

This vid just took all of the suck out of my Monday. Many thanks.

SkidPig says:

That is fuckin wicked!!!!!

stephen davis says:

That is a sweeeet sound loving that lump its a sound of the 80’s everyone in my local neighbourhood had 500 h2’s one guy had a 750 it was a cool time

Retroman says:

He keeps short shifting that thing, he never gets all the way into the power band.

Paul Bahre says:

I used to own a 500 H1 triple the thing only new 2 speeds, stop and go. And man did that thing go. The 750 is it’s punched out big brother….

Eddy Dee says:

what the fuck is that?

Franklin Howell says:

What a waist of a good motor.

Luey Mclain says:

Hell yes

Bill Cotton says:

Awesome!!! I haven’t heard a sound like that in almost 50 years!

Vatra Lion says:

I just want to hug this chopper!

Donaldson Cole says:

Put that engine in a bobber frame, stop playin!!!

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