Jurassic Park Custom Chopper

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EthanDino52 says:

That so freaking awesome!!! The Kong Skull Island boat would also look sweet with jungle explorer paint job!

Rhys 64 uwu says:


James Williams says:

65 million times better than the original!

Vada Dodd says:


Antonio Protonotario Magaña says:

man… wow just wow

Ray Ashlock says:

It’s so cool outstanding job as ways man

Ashley Still says:

Love it so much plz do more

Kyan Brock says:

Hey i got that helicoptor

JwAlive Dasher says:


Vada Dodd says:

Your the best

The Prehistoric Dinosaur says:

awesome work once again m8! :3

Dino Goodley says:

That’s a really cool idea. Looks great

The JurassicMan says:

This is so awesome ted!

TechTronic YT says:

Looks awesome but you should have made it an ingen chopper

Figures.and. Flowerpots says:

Wanna see many more vehicles and hopefully see you repaint some humans

Jurassic Jeff 49 says:

Repaint the JEEP

Microtron's Grid says:

Nicely done! For any sticker work that is outlined in black (like the Jurassic Park logo you stuck on the tail) take a black sharpie marker and draw around the white edges. This will give your sticker more of a decal look to it. It just looks nicer, when you hide the white edges. 🙂 Great work here!

Justin DeRoo-Kent says:

Wonderfully done

Also, i am sure you have been asked this a lot, but where did you get that huge sauropod?

jason garcia says:

So amazing. Almost makes me wanna bust out some old gi joe vehicles and give them a Jurassic makeover

MiKeSHaTtEr says:


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