INSANE! Kawasaki H2 2 stroke Chopper (Would you ride this motorcycle?!?!)

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RAW onboard gopro footage of the Kawasaki H2 chopper

Again, huge thanks to Eric for letting me do these features on the wild motorcycles he builds. This Kawasaki H2 was legitimately fast!! See ya next time weirdo’s #shadetreearmy


mike woodard says:

love it

Tad Barnaby says:

First off, Eric is absolutely brilliant in the design and execution of this tasty looking bike. I’m a big 2 stroke fan. My dad had a 350 triple back in the day. They were the Honda 750 killer of the time. But to be honest, the original H2 was a terrible handling bike. Go from one drum brake to two doesn’t seem like a move forward. One of my bikes is a Honda Fury, so I not only get the chopper thing, but it’s my second chopper. The first one was a ’46 knuckle. Yeah, I’d ride it, mostly for the two stroke rush.

Ob Fuscated says:

H2s rep was really due to the shit handling, not the engine. A longer wheelbase chopper is probably more stable. I like it. They are utterly obsolete for performance use so why not?

Dirt ObseXXion says:

That thing fucking rips! Hoooh

Jay Tway says:

… wow… just wow! Hey did yall go pass your old house? Thought i realized the field.

Tommy Gunz, II says:

I’m not a fan of two strokes but even i can admit this thing is AMAZING

Derek Vargason says:

Badass bike

Dark EdgeLord says:

I’d ride this bike to visit my brother and parents. My family live in Massachusetts, I’m in Florida.

ruben vorster says:

Your a fucknut


hell yeah I would ride it.

Dave Pawson says:

Until I heard the name I was thinking Instant Death. So badass.

Jamie Somers says:

I want to ride it naked.

Rocco Manginelli says:

Looks like Monagram Model kits “Grim Reaper”

John Smith says:

I had a chopped H2 back in ‘78. It had and altered frame in the seat/tank area with a custom built seat and a sportswriter tank, an altered neck angle with a 6 over front end. It was a freaking missile

mose717 says:

I’d be proud to ride that monster.

boomerhgt says:

Bravo work of art Broheim

boomerhgt says:

Miss my old Suzuki GT 380

Kenneth Law says:

one of the 1st bikes I ever Rode was an H2. I was thinking it was only a 500 though. 3 cylinder 2 stroke. I got off it and my balls were still tingling for a couple hours later. lol.

k s says:

That thing is fucking wild.

Henry Wes says:

Wish it wasn’t so raked out. Would love to see the engine on like a donor Sportster roadster.

Chado says:

My name for the bike would be Dr. Kevorkian

No Eye Deer says:

Gorgeous digger

Graeme Williams says:

Another classic Japanese bike ruined, it looks dodgy too.

Cold Blood Creations says:

I’m at 5:49 wondering when this guy will shut the pie hole and let him start the bike.

mike woodard says:

i built a number of 500’s would eat 1000’s all day long

dave yerger says:

You biker queers sure love stroking each other and giggling like little girls in your nerd GoPro. Stupid bike. Narrator is about as cheesy as Darrel waltrip.

spitchill says:

That was awesome!

Russell Nichols says:


Jerico Navas says:

never been a fan of those diggers

Chadrick Shillings says:

Fuckin awesome…
Nose planted so you can ride the beast… love it!

Muf koda says:

you can cook a chicken on this engine

Shrapnel's Bunker says:

And he started it by hand.. I had a 73 Yamaha 360cc and that thing felt like I was going to get thrown over the handlebars kick starting it..

Jeff Nicol says:

Had one, I love this these bikes are crazy fun

shadowwolfXD97 says:

Love 3 cylinder sounds, love 2 stroke sounds, this, this is ear porn

mark kelly says:

Cool. fast and brilliant custom chopper job!!! Respect…………..

RichieB76 says:

The Craftsmanship is just superb.
Whatever this guy has been smoking, I want a hit.

Okie Rider says:

The gas tank needs to go into the trash. Its ugly as hell and too dam small.


I had a 1972 Suzuki 750 GT LeMans.

Scott Wooldridge says:

That bike fucking badass!

Johnnie Walker Red says:

Damn, you think he liked the damn thing

darrin goodbrand says:

With that engine I would be putting break disks on it for stopping bet the bike hauls ass

EvilMonkeyKustoms says:

I ended up here bc I’m thinking of doing something similar. Chopper roller (not as stretched as that one) and I don’t want a Harley clone.

Thinking either a 3cyl diesel or an H2 two stroke triple. Either one I go with it’ll be turbocharged.

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