Hunting Harley’s, chopper history

why is this 46 Knuckle chop so COOL?


oscar sanchez mendoza says:

that would be super cool if you actually slept there ( bed in background)
thanks for the history lessons

SentinelFPS says:

I have a 1983 Harley iron head sportster xls. Is it possible to add a kickstart to it? Seems kinda cool honestly.

WarPig's Busted Knuckle Garage says:

“All your Grandmother’s? Know what they where doing? They where fucking in the park, they where getting gang banged in the park, and had a good time.”
Sometimes the truth hurts!!!…..:)

David Keck says:

If you find somebody willing to pay $25 grand for that send me there number I gotta twenty year old pick up that I will part with for only fifty grand.

Crixus The Gaul says:

” I can have this little pill, and f**k as many dudes as I want and not get pregnant?…. YAAAY ME!” hahahahaha that cracked me up.

Easyrider Pappy says:

Nice sales pitch bro.

H J says:

But the bed…?

COO Ba says:


Liam Standish says:

wang dang sweet poontang

Fried Rice2 says:

Wow must been a crazy time

jack creley says:

You should be standing on your head while filming this, cuz you’re talking out of your ass. in the 60’s you were in kindergarten. I was there, you weren’t. you’re just a bullshit artist.

rugerron67 says:

Good luck with the sale Todd 🙂

oscar sanchez mendoza says:

damn it hurts to hear some of this, throwing out parts…. damn

Gym Sick Obsession says:

Nice Bike

lottsalasagna says:

You can still buy a house today with $10’000

Devildriver187 says:

You looking for a 75, My dads got a pretty nice one for sale

jojojeep1 says:

bikes like that never go out of style , they were cool then and there cool now

Ivan Jaimes says:

thanks for the history !

Camera 68 says:

wreckyard stuff way cool, today’s posers : not cool at all. trying to copy coolness. glad you told what’s what. and what was.

sowen74 says:

crazy how things change and that the old bikes we love were not as desirable as they are today! Awesome chopper! I love the look!

Bill Hill says:

There is an all original 36 knuckle head (not sure of the model) in a local motorcycle shop and they are asking 65,000 for it. Also are you from San Fransisco or an adjoining area

Wilson Scott says:

I keep my motorcycles in my bedroom too.

John Kohler says:

Hadn’t heard that the Hearst papers engaged in a smear campaign against marijuana.  I understand that Dupont had just developed and patented nylon and hemp rope derived from marijuana stems was its chief competitor.  Dupont helped to make sure that anti-marijuana laws were passed to eliminate competition.  Dupont is known for this.  It also promoted the notion that CFC’s were destroying the ozone layer because their Freon patent was expiring. Freon is inert and excellent for not imparting an electrical charge when  it had been used to clean computer chips during manufacture.  It was the best refrigerant.  Now we use an inferior refrigerant that Dupont has a patent for.

Scott Jackson says:

AWSOME history lesson, as always love all your videos bro.

Alan R Secor says:

I was born in 54 so I have a few years on you. I went through the hippie scene. Thank you for your videos. I am always learning more about bikes. I have a Sportster.

Zefside82 says:

You’ve always got good videos man.

Alabama Saint says:

it’s still outta control just got back this morning beach bend is a must do

ric bonnell says:

i love this guy and the plethora of knowledge he shares…THANKS!

Brad Denning says:

4000.00 for a new shovel in 78?? I walked into B&D cycles on route 1 in Rahway NJ in summer of 1978 and they offered me a new 1977 left over Electra glide for 2900.00 !!!!!!!

Rockabilly Rambler says:

I would love a 10 dollar junkyard bike. Im not young anymore. But im still broke.

stan fischer says:

I bought my first HD in 1972 when I was 19, it was a Servicar trike that I chopped. Two years later I upgraded to a Panhead.

The 70’s was such a different time from these days. The Vietnam was was winding down and it seemed nothing was wrong and nothing was right.

Sociological differences:
There were no security cameras monitoring us night and day. I remember smoking weed in city parks and thinking nothing of it. One could drink and drive and the only time you got a DWI was from either evading arrest or really doing some damage like killing somebody. Once in 1979 I was so hammered I had to hang onto the door handle of the Police car, cops told me to slow down a little and be careful going home.

Back in the 60’s when I was still in school I saw teachers beat on kids for getting out of line, now days they’d be sent to prison. No wonder we have so many out of control young people.

Jobs were more plentiful back then, big companies would hire kids out of high school and actually train them. Don’t see much of that anymore.

We were better educated in those days. I used to see kids drop out of school when they were 16 – they could read, write and do basic math. Now America is at the bottom of education.

About the only good thing I now see in the bike scene these days is so many people have HD’s the Police don’t bother me anymore.

I miss the 70’s!

-‘lil stan

Midnight Rider says:

just found your channel, I love it man. good job, keep it up. kids like me never lived through this time.

lottsalasagna says:

Those were the days .. Before America became a socialist dreamland

Doc Mason says:

I thought this was going to be a video about chopper history but it turned into this guys history of banging chicks. I’m 12 years older than him and my time was the mid to late 60s and that was the heyday of choppers and the rest that came with it. He’s preaching to the choir to us old school bikers on choppers.

Vin Body Surf says:

In the 70s and 80s the bush was horrific… my god. You outta be a fuckin savage bro

live injection says:

Excellent video.

Claudemir Dias says:

very good !!!!

Patrick Sectric says:

Hi Todd, enjoy hearing about your bike ramblings. Womans rights and equality are important – from my strong grandma and mother. Stick to bikes, it is your strength.

jojojeep1 says:

Todd , I was born 34 day’s before you in 1962, and every thing you said was dead nut’s true. we had to pry women off us , no kidding .

JKDROB says:

Cool machine but in all fairness, you cannot say that bike or chassis was anywhere near that party at that time. You have a sticker on a gas cap…… Great info though.

Alan B'Stard M P says:

gotta be the greatest sales pitch i’ve ever heard. Excellent. Hope the machine goes to someone who appreciates it, and it’s history

Ride To Live Live To Ride says:

Todd, I built my first chop in 1986. 18″ over rigid, springer, Panhead powered. I was pulled over by every cop. It was a tough time then.

argiemerc says:

And this is what a real salesman is all about =). If I were near you that thing would be in my garage already.

The Easy Way Out Campers says:

Great Video Man. I am biker of sorts. I love buying junkers and fixing em up. Never owned a Harley. Thanks for the run down. Odds are ill end up with an old 70’s or 80’s basket case. But I want a sportey. I like the cowboy appeal. Plus im little dude.
Your right about Sturgis being a picnic, all events in general are picnics in comparison. Because they are corporate parties… These days the Harley buyers are marketing targets. The general Harley Owner never wrenches his bike these days. His motorcycle purchasing sum is estimated for his life span by lawyers and accountants.

smiley42 says:

Great job Todd 🙂

That Guy says:

thank you

David Keck says:

Was riding a 65 Pan in 1973. I think your prices fro bikes are a little bit off. New Super Glide in the early 70’s was about two grand.

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