How To Ride A Motorcycle – Must See, Everything You Need To Know!

So you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle? This short video explains all the basics you need to know to ride a motorcycle. The beginning of the video explains all of the most essential things you need to know such as the controls, the gears, the clutch, how to shift, the brakes, and the carburetor (for motorcycles that have one, some don’t).

The second half of this video is a ‘ride along’ with me pointing out tips, tricks, common hazards on the road, and what to look out for in general.

You can learn all the basics of how to ride a motorcycle in the beginning of the video. The ride along is intended to be tips and pointers to help you out just by pointing out things along the way.

Riding a motorcycle can be really enjoyable, motorcycle riders are kind of like the modern day cowboy, but you have to remember it’s something to be taken seriously too. Riding out in the open air with no seat belt or airbags next to 4,000 pound cars is a calculated risk. You never know who is paying attention to the road, who is texting and driving, who is drinking and driving, etc. There are a LOT of idiots out on the road, so be on the lookout for them… they are everywhere. People die on motorcycle everyday, sometimes because of other bad drivers, and sometimes through fault of their own. Always wear the proper gear to protect yourself in the case of an accident, but more importantly, always keep your eyes open and be aware of whats going on around you while riding your motorcycle! Your gear is a savior of last resort, have it on (it’s saved me in the past), but ride smart and hopefully you’ll never have to use it.

And if you have a passenger, (which you shouldn’t until you are very comfortable riding on your own) make sure they have a helmet on. The worst stories for me are the ones where you hear about the married couple that went on a ride without proper gear, they get in a crash that wasn’t their fault, the wife on the back of the bike goes flying over head first and dies while the husband on the front lives. Not something you want to live with.

When I ride, the things I consider to be the most dangerous are intersections, primarily where a car in oncoming traffic is going to make a left in front of you. You have to be 100% sure this car sees you and doesn’t turn right in front of you. Of course you can’t be 100% sure they saw you, so you’re best bet is to slow down and be ready to brake just in case.

Also, it’s better to enter a turn too slow, then it is to enter a turn too fast and then try to scrub speed in the turn. This is a common way motorcycles crash, don’t let it happen to you. Reason being, when you try to slow down in the turn you are giving up some of the tires traction to braking, instead of turning alone. On top of that when you are braking in a turn, the bike will naturally start to stand up, it won’t want to continue to lean (like a gyro). Your best bet on turns is to enter with less speed than you need, stay in the same gear through the whole turn, and roll on the throttle easily through the turn.

Once you learn how to ride a motorcycle, you’ll quickly learn how fun it can be. I encourage you to have fun and enjoy the bike you’re on, but always remember to be safe while riding.

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Berni Boy says:

At First never drive motorbike with T-shirt and short trousers ;)))

Sara Brooks says:

Ugh! Mustang…. bluah!!! On another note… Dude, you are really tall! LOL 😀

Frederick Winter says:

So if I’m in 3rd gear and I hold down the clutch and shift down twice would I be in first when I let off the clutch?

DoTheEvolution78 says:

The bluing on your exhaust is caused from incorrect Air to Fuel mixture before combustion. Carbureted motorcycles are especially susceptible to this problem.

Christopher Sewell says:


god is a Sciopath says:

good video

Claudiu Munteanu says:

what’s your gopro settings?

Niki Fiallo says:

Dudes!!!!! ?

Dean Kruse says:

my yamaha v star sounds amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing with the straight pipes that the previous owner put on

Edward Petersen says:

Thank you for the video. I’m a new rider . . . Man you live a long way from the gym.

DanielxArruda says:

At 3:40 he said most of the stopping power is at the front, well with my many experiences with bikes,I’ve flipped and wiped out when I accidentally held down the front brake lever, so this makes me worried about riding a motorcycle LOL , can anyone relate

Roberto Philippo says:

This is great, can you make a slide, i really would enjoy that!! Now get in your car and buy a extra chromosone, so you aint retarded no more…..;)

Randall Mellott says:

I saw a dude while in Florida who rode by wearing a swim suit, no shirt, no helmet and flip flops. Must have wanted to get a good tan. Called a “road rash” tan that never leaves you! If he survives going down on the bike, he can tell some terrific war stories about his ride! Plus some really neat scars that will make him look so bad ass!

Aj Januszkiewicz says:

Friends don’t let friends ride rice grinders. Get a Harley.

Jamil Ali Ahmed says:

I am a beginner and this video has helped me a lot. Stay blessed mate.

ihopeutubedies says:

I’m buying my first motorcycle today. This was really helpful.

Dre Heph says:

Thanks very helpfull

Christopher Sewell says:


Christopher Sewell says:

Nice light

Dante Molina says:

What kind of bike is he riding exactly??

Gordon Welke says:

Yep, 4:19 and I am pretty much bummed that at 50 I don’t even own an e-bike! But, for the record, this guy is the bomb when it comes to making it all understandable! I finally GET the Shifting! Thanks

Darwin Skinner says:

ride safe

Shoto Kan says:

I used this video to learn how to operate a motorcycle. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT! The only thing that bothers me looking back at it is……the rider is NOT WEARING PROPER GEAR. If you are a new rider and dress like that (no gloves, no jacket, and wearing shorts), I hope you got a good plastic surgeon. Even a 40 mph fall can leave you with life long scars and injuries.

Celeste Albritton says:

Team Honda cbr life baby

Drive315 says:

If you want to check out another video, watch my channel “drive315” I made a video on how to ride a motorcycle as well !

Dragan Nestorovic says:

Great video man….thanks.

Christopher Sewell says:

Turned green nod table on

Siegfried Schmitz says:

Want to buy my first motorbike soon, i like your video, great job!

Tank Abrams says:

I enjoyed your video but I will tell you your camera angles are very annoying. The line of sight is that a peculiar angle and you’re not showing the road in front of you so it becomes an annoyance trying to see what’s Ahead so you end up tilting your head backwards but the video only shows what’s in your camera so the Riding experience is lost But it was good

James Barnes says:

Really great video. Much appreciated. Very thorough. Thank you

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