GTA online guides – Bikers DLC choppers

In this video I take a look at every chopper introduced as part of the Bikers DLC, I highlight a few aspects and quirks of a few of them compare their performance and show off a few of my customisations on them!

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eren jaeger says:

Nope I want to get sick of it

Luis Mendoza says:

What is the FIRST Military style bike at the beginning of this video???

Arrivederci says:

wolfsbane lost to rat bike!? that’s not possible
why do u wheelie on rat bike, and not on wolfsbane?

Mr. Hiram says:

Western Gargoyle?

adam pavlov says:

Ride fast, die hard

Golden cat k K says:

He leans forward on the Akumal

Adamosca says:

I wish you could have included the Sanctus in with these bikes to see how it matched up

Spencer Kern says:

Was that lost mc daemon? The lost one off the streets is faster.

dark says:

The ratbike is the rusty version of the wolfsbane but was still faster, what… how is there any logic in that. What, I need an explanation.

The Expert says:

i gonna buy rat bike

MoonBoone says:

Love the Wolfsbane, if you customise it enough it’s basically GTA’s answer to a Harley Panhead. (Plus I use the army green paint too)

Patrik Škof says:

Im not attacking Pyrerealm but isnt the Avarius called Avarus?

weasle min says:

The akuma isnt a chopper and tge wolfsbane and the ratbike are the same bike

William Cricket says:

How do these compare to the LCC hexer and innovation?

B.I.G W. says:

Nightblade is the best imo

Dark Intro says:

Akuma is not a chopper

Isaac Cohen says:

white wall tires? why xDDD

Camden Grimes says:

there was only a few Choppers in this video they’re not Choppers without ape hangers you should go bikes better

Jordan Whoolery says:

I can’t make my night blade unique I’m in sons of anarchy it has to be white and black

Nick F says:

My favorite thing about choppers in this game is that you can buy the same bike twice, and make them look totally different. I probably have two of everything now, but I started with the avarus and wolfsbane one for each character. They really look like totally different bikes in both cases.

Tomás cinnsealeach says:

@3:30 easy rider

The Jr Dr says:

Had a nightblade, sold it

FarmerRambo 5455 says:

where’s the heaxer

S1Ks&Skylines says:

Nightblade isnt a chopper


Should have seen which was loudest



MrGumbwit says:

Akuma? Was part of bikers?

Evžen Vargaa says:

82 007th!

Reverse asian says:

The reason the rat bike was faster is because you were wheelieng in the drag race

Blurgamer 17 says:

I use the NightBlade in Transform races and beat everyone who keeps using Hakuchou/Drag bikes, Shotaros and Bati 801/RR’s.
Everyone goes WTF? when I pull the fastest lap and pull first place. lol

ThisLife Riding says:

Rockstar should add kawasaki h2 lol

Dexicos says:

Favorite bike is definitely the cliffhanger. She sounds so dirty I love it!

thomas benson says:

You are hella dumb lol

ian1231100 says:

Bullshit. The best chopper is obviously the Savage. It has explosive cannons, missiles with no relo… ohh, you’re talking about the OTHER chopper.

Daniel Störmu says:

I like the western daemon best because of the looks and customization

Encrypted Aqua says:


Uzziah Gilmore says:


Nikko Konarzycki says:

i think you meant to say “sk8 fast eat ass”

Mad // Streams and more! says:

Rat bike=free when motorcycle club

Wolfsbane=you pay and you get something that cannot win a rusty bike lol xD

Kolbe Moser says:

You missed the Innovation and Hexer

Student, Matthew Tyson says:

i like the zombie bobber, because of the looks and sound

deathjr112 says:

The zombie chopper is my personal favorite

potential pyro says:

I like the rat bike

TheGeoX says:

wheres chimera?

Omega says:

Anybody else think its wierd that the rat bike came before the wolfsbane considering its literally the rusty version of it

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