First Time Riding D… Harley D

This was from awhile back and never really got around to finishing the video editing.. Well here it is. I think I’d be better named Impulsive Giggles. Eesh.

Edit 6/11/17: Sorry for not getting this before, but the bike I’m riding is: 92 FXSTS. 92 Springer with 80” evo punched to 94” with hot cams.


Joseph Bourdeau says:


Beerrunner81 says:

The ones that bash Harley’s are the ones that can’t afford them.

Patriot 1776 says:

They’re fun, drop the bias, go buy one, you’ll be glad you did…

primostoy says:

Love it, nothing like a Harley….

Tellin'ya What_it_is! says:

First chopper in 57. 1957. Bright yellow. Springer. Straight pipes. Been Harley the whole way. Ride on friend. Now I have 11 anniversary issue trike. Medical reasons put me on trike. I am 80 years old. Retired 1%

The Traveler says:

Try one without ape hangers and make up your own mind. Some people love them, but I hate them myself. In my opinion, they do stiffen the front end control as you commented.

Gage Nulph says:

Arizona Life

Alex P. says:

Nice ride you had me smiling too! Ha!


Good shit!

Big Tex says:

Ye boi

Sonni Omar says:

man when I heard that sound 5:12 I started to cry, I’m praying to get a Harley

Paul FOSBERY says:

A wonderful ride with with a lovely bike, and lots of fun and laughter included! Its what you American blokes are good at!…LOL…! Thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and felt the Harley rumble through my computer speakers!! Take care and ride safe!

luke Abruzzo says:

keep up the good videos man love the bike 😀

jaqjaques says:

Very nice

Jerry Saunders says:

It does take some getting use to, doesn’t it?

Chris V says:

Dude I️ started out with a bolt as well! Cool little bike ride it for couple years, the Vance and Hines twin slash pipes are super worth it fyi! Traded the bike in for a Harley bout a year ago and it’s damn worth the trade brother!

Buddy Rice says:

What is the make of this Harley?

john woodworth says:

Riding a Harley Davison is such a different feeling than any other motorcycle riding a Harley is a league of its own it’s awesome completely unique I love it

Corey Slater says:

harley junk…stick with the bolt!

Miami Guitar Workshop says:

I put music to this! Gimme an email address if you’d like to see! 🙂

corey harrison says:

its like riding a couch

Jane Marquardt says:

i am 7 and i have road a motercycle

WesDaNinja says:

What was that bike called that ur friend was riding , #ImpulsiveThrottle

Jerry Hubbard says:

you damn sho need some clutch practice

Dxpressed Soulz says:

Ha gay title

Rufat Yaqubov says:

Nice video. I like it. Good luck, Harley Davidson is great!

Erik Vigil says:

After watching this I’m definitely going to save up for a Harley Davidson

Gene Paradis says:

Someone told me if you don’t ride your motorcycle to work, then you will hardly ride it. If its dry out ride it to work. period.

Glory to the Emperor! says:

I dream of a world without cars but full of bikes! :-)))

Tellin'ya What_it_is! says:

TENNIS SHOES.? Steel toe boots. Back in 1957 I bought my first pair. First harley in 1953. Tennis shoes are f…..king gay s….t.

King Druid says:

I’m a few days away from picking up my first Harley and to be honest, I’m shitting my pants hahaha. But hearing you giggle like a little kid has calmed my nerves a bit, so thank you haha!

Jose Neyra says:

What kind of bike is that?

Jac Spring says:

Ha ha ha – Harley’s are cool for sure. My own bias tho is to be different and I love how the Bolt just does its thing with no fuss. Here in Austin there seem to be Sportsters everywhere – haven’t seen another Bolt yet…

Jose Neyra says:

I’m trying to do classes soon to learn to drive manual on a motorcycle so I can get me a HD for the first time as my first bike. I love the way Harleys sound!!

Mike Sumner says:

There are Harley’s, then there is everything else.

Wesley Dearman says:

I used to hate Harleys! Couple years later, I’m in love with my Fat Bob. Couldn’t get me to trade her in for anything.


I love harley

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