Custom Chopper Motorcycle BigDog



Bout Time says:

I thought big dog was in Wichita?

Jacob Nunya says:

My God those bikes look badass! Who makes this music?

Luis Peña Peña Rojas says:

que belleza de naves

daniel medina says:

que motos feas!!!!!

gregory lawrence says:

awsome!…thanks for the ride, men.

Uh excuseme# says:

Great video awesome bikes

Glenn Greenlee says:

Very cool I would ride with you guys anytime!

adrian hunter says:

Sweet choppers.

187ffkev says:

why put shit music on a video people would rather hear the bike exhaust

swegdoge swagger says:

I like bikes they’re pretty cool I’m going to get one when I’m older I’m only nine years old ?

Jani Mecaj says:

Is this in Australia?

Vine Wood says:

I should live in Japan & own a high rise condo, Toyota Mark II drifter & a Big Dog Ridgeback…

Jose M aria Sanchez says:

autenticas chooper

Jordan Raymond says:

1 more thing I’m a YouTuber and I got my own
(YouTube.Channel)video’s)of cool stuff and videos of my own
Black Chopper [ Bike ] on YouTube if u wanna check it out OK. it’s cool with up my name for my UTube channnel.ok

James Drysdale says:

Can any of you BIG DOG riders tell me how to take off the factory foot pegs………THANKS

Carisma Puontwa says:

Dude i jus wanna c mi self owning this beast.

candymintz says:

107 s&s motor and 1 front brake rotor, i won’t go into the geometry of left side pull on extended forks….stroll on!

Danielsan Cuorcuoco says:

where can I buy the shirt, I also have a Big Dog Chopper

Wayne Neary says:

were the riders cloned as well?

shadow run says:

whats a big dog part of. Harley family? just curious. love them choppers are the best BIKES!!!

S Pieterse says:

How to build a trike

cihan berken says:

hi big dog s .. : )

Dropzone says:

They liked great cosmetically,but my BOXER had a 55 mile an hour speed wobble and electrical issues! Sold it and lost thousands hope these guys had better luck I sure didn’t ,nor did BigDog MC. Down ,out and over ,came and went

super steve says:

Easter egg

HispanicCausinPanic says:

They’re pretty bad, but like you dudes didn’t build those an that’s the whole point almost of owning a chopper. But whatever still alright

HM A says:

Türkiye’de yok mu şunlardan amk

Jordan Raymond says:

The 3 guys from O.C.C
Orange County Choppers
names are
(Mikey,Paul.Senior,Paul Jr)
Look Up O.C.C
Choppers on Internet or as well on YouTube,u will find these and O.C.C name on there sight OK.

Stavros V says:

is Honda Fury…!!!???

Douglas Devine says:

american spirit in japan it..ride safe fellow bikers..

usabadone says:

They call em customs and then they put to the exact same bikes riding next to each other

Jordan Raymond says:

The 2 Yellow Bikes are the same and they good the pair together riding with the Black Bike
( Watching all 3 of them is like seeing the ( 3 Guys from OCC )
Orange County Choppers ) Going down the road.look cool all 3 Riding together.

Beemer says:

I used to watch O.C.C. just for laughs. this is no different.

Nurul Anisah says:

musik kaya tai

Dropzone says:

Looked great ,ha ha I mean! Oops

Curt Ray says:

hello I live in Wichita Kansas where I am told all those bike were made.just wondering how they were found in your beautiful country,and how did you come about them.i don’t live far from the dealer showroom or what was the showroom.hope they serve you I ride a springer Harley nowadays. later


no fat old slob here…

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