Craigslist Encounters: Used Honda Fury VTX 1300 Chopper Ride, Review, Impressions, Likes & Dislikes

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Tag along with me today as we check out a 2010 Honda Fury VTX 1300 Motorcycle. This is another Craigslist/OfferUp find. Let’s see if it checks at as the “Excellent Condition” motorcycle that’s advertised, or turns out to be a complete bust! I’ll also share my thoughts and impressions as I take the bike out for a short test ride and review the process. As always, thanks for watching! Ride safe!

Gear I Use:
Lapel Mic w/GoPro Hero5 Connection (everything you need for audio setup):
Simpson Bandit Ghost Helmet:
GoPro Hero 4:
Fox Gloves:

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Jd Lee says:

@3:30 them scuffs tells me YES its been down!!! and my guess, some kinda slow speed fall over, maybe a grab of front brake in some gravel , some one was learning how to ride on tht bike lol … u know Im a Honda fan and the furys are decent chopper style bikes [not for me i grew out them yrs ago] anyway i wouldve bought it for a flip at oh say $3k do some touch up to it, buy some after market blinkers etc etc detail it put a price of $4.2 – $4.5 let someone barter me down $3.7 -+

Chip Fisher says:

I think a pass was a good call on your part

C Caravacio says:

Another great video, I’m looking for a 2015 Fury ABS. What should be a fair price for that in a good condition? Will appreciate the valuable opinion

SuperFuryMan says:

I got the same scuffs on my Fury – you saw the video of my lay down – slow speed dump just no tank damage on mine. Congrats on the 1000 mark!!

Bikes Boats Bivouacs says:

How would that look with a windscreen?

Jon's Moto Garage says:

What do you think? Good or Bad purchase for the 2010 Honda Fury Chopper?

Lindsey & Dick says:

That’s one of the factory choppers I’ve always liked.

Brandon Browning says:

Dude ur at 1k subs bro put ads on your videos ill watch them so you can money lol

Jase M says:

Congrats on 1K subs Jon. Awesome channel.

Blake Boykin says:

I wish you would have recorded the exchange of words when you got back to his house. Would have been pretty entertaining.

James Brace says:

If that cat isn’t honest from the very beginning then I wouldn’t buy the bike. If he wasn’t honest about it being dumped or knocked over then who knows what else he’s not being honest about.

EG V says:

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