Completed Chopper Review?!!DETAILS! New update /Last Day On Earth Survival Android gameplay

Hello guys ..
this was all details about the last day on earth : survival’s chopper or motorcycle and as you can see its completed and tested by the developers and i shared more details with you guys hope you liked it and please LIke and SUB
At first im sorry you have to pause the video to read it . it was bcz of my pc it was so slow and i thought its so i speed it up but its alright
As you knew it was impossible to find the gas tank but the next update is near and this was a part of the new update of the last day on earth survival on andorid and the other part is coming to you with alots of details very soon …

what is new in this update :
it can be completed now and they’ve changed one of its recipe ..
as they said its the you-must-run-when-you-see-it
Last day on earth is a great survival game for android and this was a video or a sneak peak of the next update please like and subscribe if you liked it
anyways guys if you liked this video please subsribe to my channel and if you dont like it dislike the video and let me know what was wrong in the comments 😀

if you like this game and want to know more about this epic survival game for android so please let me know
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thanks for watching …


wakilharris80 says:

get this gay ass music out of here loser

Mahathir skbb says:

Only that!!

Michael Stewart says:

How to u play it on pc

Strawberry Bleach says:

not too fast

Alex Ryne says:

when will be the next update? looking 4ward for that

Chaowl Nation says:

Can people steal your chopper

Rihards Martinovs says:

1:25 no it’s just as fast as running

Irbz says:

what if you die with it?

nathaniel juan says:

If somebody stole your chopper

Harry Rique says:

Go for it Guys. I m tired of Walking. I want to travel fast. Make chopper go.

YTKarma DestinyTY says:

Is your name MadMax on this

agustian Yt says:

bang kenapa ya aku mainnin udh level 9 pas keluar lalu masuk lagi ko ngulabg lagi dari awal???tolong masukannya bang

James Calienta Bancas Rodriguez says:

Can you drive it in the map?

Zero Hero says:

What do u use to edit your videos?

Mystical Nibba says:

1:11 i’d rather call it “engine overheat meter”

Peter bishop says:

hey guys (dramatic music) THE TIME HAS CAME

Luis Ayala says:

Or those ninja star weapons

Lisa Dreyer says:

Can someone please please tell me how am I supposed to get engine parts. I’ve been playing for days and days but yet I can’t get any. I need guns,atv, chopper etc. Thank you in advance!!

Christian Harrison says:

READ PLZ DEVELOPERS To make the game much fun and fuller you guys should make a town to were u can enter the buildings meet new people, do quest and loot the building woulnt that be cool and more fun ALSO you guys should make it to were when exploring a traveler will need help and have u collect items in exchange for guns

peppapohone Us says:

i like That girl ,sitting next on u Not ur vid

aron john says:

Please hurry!!!

xxkillaxx says:

WAIT WHAT!!!??? I thought u would drive the chopper in map like going in the forest and driving in the forest

DavidXlte 01234 says:

nice song selection…. btw wats da name of da song?

Solid says:

the time has came huh. think you meant come

Ray Gunners says:

Thast beast just add it in

Daniel Kelba says:

Dont put it in the game if you can’t actually make it. And don’t take people’s real money to try to complete it if it’s not in the game yet!!! Crooks!

Kody Marshall says:

the big one is spawning in orange zones every 4 or 5 times you go there and bot players with glocks . dont you think thats a bit over kill for an orange zone ?.

Yellow mask says:

Is there gonna be a wipeout update

Kung Fu says:

Wtf I’m still on update 1.4.4 on ios

Gabriel Hinojosa says:

Can someone steal your chopper

brendan lau says:

Is the gas tank for chopper out in 1.4.6?

墨凌 says:

So the chopper in v1.4.6 also couldn’t open??

Andy Ly says:

Time has came for the chopper?

Aden thegamer says:

I have everything expect the blue thing

Angzgaming says:

Where can i get the gas tank

Marcus David says:

this update was annoying, nothing rally changed for user experience

Gaga Gg says:

Wat is d song

Watric Main says:

Is the Gas Tank aquirable?

Erdi Taspunar says:

why game is diffrent wesing down under ? 😀

Fariz Ryzz says:

Hey,NizG have you played Rustafied on steam??It was pretty good actually.Can you play this game as well?

Oliver H says:

When it says the Gasoline drop does that mean the actuall equipped item.

Quang Nguyen Trung says:

so does that mean someone can steal your motorbike?

Empayar Hitam says:

about couple day i go to red zone stone and and forest but no gas tank chopper even part,should i go to effected forest buddy ??

Luis Ayala says:

They should make a ray gun in this game

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