Cleveland Cyclewerks – Review of their motorcycle range

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Today I got to ride Cleveland Cyclewerks complete range of motorcycles. I give a brief review of my experience of each bike: The Hooligan 450R, tha Heist, tha Misfit and the Ace. The Hooligan was probably the bike I would most likely buy, it would be a great lightweight bike, on road and off. Tha Heist is the cruising bike, the poor man’s harley, a tonne of cool but a little getting use to with the hard tail. Tha Misfit I rode was stock standard, it felt solid and safe, a great base on which to start a custom project. But my favourite for the day was the custom racetrack Ace. It had a tonne of low down grunt, had an easy riding position and put a huge grin on my face, riding the unmaintained Cleveland city streets.

Cleveland Cyclewerks have a bike for everyone! Cheap, affordable and solidly built. Today they won a new Aussie fan!

Camera – Steve, Cleveland’s Chief Mechanic

Ethics Statement: Cleveland did not pay me for this video or this review. They did let me test their bikes and gave me a t-shirt. As I said in the video, the best fun I’ve had in 2 months travel!

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Mike J says:

nobody has made any user videos on the fxx or the ffr..and no place to post comments on the fxx videos, would like to use one on the COBDR and part of the TAT. but very limited info.and no owner reviews so far, are they going to last a while?? and limited replacement parts sources

Rockabilly Rambler says:

i love the kustom ace, i wish id gotten that over the heist, my ass is sore and i think im getting shorter from riding the rigid 🙁

Rafal Wydro says:

Really nice bike, just wondering why on earth they install so small engines ? Do not mean that they should put some twin right away but some bigger bore single would do the trick.

Trevor Jameson says:

There is no way in the world that anyone would attempt to cross Australia on that dirt bike looking model. Impossible to do, it would fall apart, and there is no hope of getting parts. He is not being truthful. If he is really from Australia, he would never consider buying that bike, not in a million years. I would believe him if that bike was a KLR650, DR650, or XR650L.

Mikhail Pugliano says:

which exhaust is on tha heist motorcycle?

Alex Berger says:

Haha, love the sound and the bandanna. 

Rod Smith says:

Awesome last bike!

mrmatt5555 says:

“Review of their motorcycle range” when all we saw was him leaving the driveway.

AudiophileTubes says:

GREAT bikes, and largely affordable too!  I hope they make it big.

Runeguy33 says:

CCW is very cool. I’ve followed them for a while. They listen to their customers, they’re ambitious, and if they are careful and smart they could be the next big American motorcycle company.

Tan Jen Wei says:

dude dont need his helmet

More Bad Ideas says:

Cool bike, he almost ate shit at the end of the video lol.

Immortal Rebel91 says:

what kind of exhaust heist have??

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