Chop E

Chop-E or Electric Chopper is made in Estonia!

Idea of Chop-E was born on 1. of April 2014, we wanted to build 2 cool bikes for ourselves. First proto was built in 8 days and saw its daylight on 28th of April. Ever since Chop-E project has had snowball grows and emotions. We are happy to show You our first demo video of what we did.

Chop-E team.

Music by: Norman Greenbaum “Spirit In The Sky”
Thanks to: Jevgeni Agnevshtshikov, Nikolai Rodin and Dmitri Kovalchuk for camera work

Special thanks to AirDog Team for areal shoots and awesome advices

Edit by: Dmitri Kovalchuk


wealthy black man says:

They invented nothing… all these so called pop up businesses want a pat on the back because they believe that they invented something original. … then beg for funding. ..

kyle stewart says:

low to the ground. super quiet. very little lighting.

recipe for getting ran over by every car out there. I hope you’re not encouraging people to take these out into city traffic.

Kirby latham says:

it can try to add many wheels with motors behind the rear wheel to increase the speed.

gunslingerW7 says:


Mike Alpha says:

now this is my idea of a bike. sign me up.

Richard Minervini says:

The definition of gay

00ironcross says:

SHOW more video of that long legged chick.

Kandela Brown says:

They forgot their, purses, and pink feather boas.

Caleb Taylor says:


Brian lopeezy says:

And here come the hipster whiteboy nerds trying to fit in once again with another scene and culture and try to make it their own, but worse just like vegan tacos and vegan burritos…thank you for wasting your time hipsters, but keep trying.

Jefferson Rodrigues says:

Não mostra como foi a fabricação ??????

Mr. Bruce Arkwright, Jr. says:

What is the cost to replace the back tire?

Chinolyn says:

Ugle bike…

mattimus ?? says:

Those back tires are way! Overly rated for those small bikes..

Proud Pict says:

Quick boys, back to the club house…safe space! So gay!

V says:

This is what white people who have to much money do

refugiorod says:

Great video and…. music.

*New/World/ Warrior* says:

The look: Gay/Bike .Com.Fag

Zach says:

Oh god take it down before Harley-Davidson gets any ideas… first the death of vrod and dyna next the unveiling of the microbrewster…

Kirby latham says:

i think it can add a motor in front wheel. it can make 3 wheels bike with 2-3 motors to increase the speed.

BlackEquinox says:

Anyone else want a replica of Kaneda’s bike?

Jasper Edwards says:

lazy barstewards

Guy Goodwin says:

Nice video. NIce music. Oh to be a kid again!

Сергей Фурсов says:

А чё, не плохо!

steve mcdaniel says:

It shold be bigger and rear wheel drive.

Cris Lerose says:

No room for the tattoed bitches to ride along…

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