Best Motorcycles of 2017

I took a look at the new 2017 motorcycles, and these are my favorite motorcycles of 2017. Not all of these motorcycles are new 2017 models, but these are the motorcycles I like best when I went to the 2017 show. Everyone has different ideas about what the best motorcycle is for a given situation, and these motorcycles are the ones that got my attention when I looked at all of the new motorcycles for the 2017 model year. I hope you like this video, and maybe it will help you find the best motorcycle for you.


martin joseph says:

was good until i saw a harley crap bike waana be.

John Fisher says:

Good job

Kyd says:

Great commentary, and YAY for the Boulevard!

Hector Taylor says:

You left missed the KTM Duke 390 and the Rebel has two different engines to choose from.

Annamária Prohászka says:

Cool motorcycles deserve cool outfit, too!

1965Vintage says:

All you have to do is read YouTube video replies to see that the majority of people in this world are assholes. Oh, and the Scout wins.

Roy Coombes says:

rebel looks like a bobber

rugby says:

when you buy a BMW motorcycle you’re only buying a name. They have too many problems. They have lexical problems and rear end problems period they are junk

Peter Grundy says:

Nah disagreeing

Marty Fowler says:

Funny you picked a lot of Victory bikes and they are no more….what no Triumph T120?

Prof. MO Zeee JCD ECS says:

Victory went out of business, while the Indian brand continues…

Uncle Adolf says:

Hipster and motorcycle are two words you don’t use in the same sentence! Hipster and moped are two words that are applicable in the same sentence.

Thor says:

The new rebel looks like shiiiiiiittttt!….

Sean Mason says:

I thought they shut down the victory plant

Steve T. says:

“the Buick of motorcycles”?

Billy Jones says:

Seriously, you really don’t know anything about motorcycles, do you? Take for instance your reference to the Honda Rebel. The old Rebels were 250cc air cooled, the new Rebel you showed was a 500cc water cooled. But you identified them as being the same.

David Knestrick says:

Guess it’s different strokes for different folks. I wouldn’t consider any of these the best of 2017.

C. Goodwin says:


matrox says:

7:22 Suzuki just stole the Harley sportster shape tank. Its a low quality copy though. Look at the ugly lip flange at the bottom which is typical on all Japanese bikes.

Chris Martin says:

your opinion sucks ass


Pretenda-Harley bitch bikes. when you are too much of a pussy to ride the real thing. at least you can pretend you do

Michael Brown says:

Send this to someone who deserves it!

Jerry W Davis says:

Great bikes. Thanks for publishing.

Don Lovell says:

I thought that this was a actual review. No ! It’s a guy pretending to be a comedian, and doing it like an idiot.

1990 says:

BMW: yes
Rebel: no
Ducati: neither of them
H-D: hell no
Indian: no
Van Van: no
Rukkus: no
Z125: no
SCR950: no
Indian Scout: yes to the 2nd one
electric bike: NO NO NO
3 wheel car: no
Kawa: no
Buell: no (bring back the Ulysses)
Can-Am: yes
Victory: no
Savage: no
KLR650: yes

ann hoang says:

Are you dreaming, wow.

Aaron Bernstein says:

Rip Victory

nik mxforever says:

Worse bikes of the year

Tom Mitchell says:


AV8R Tom says:

That’s cool that they made over the Rebel! It’s always been a great bike for brand-new riders younger riders or small females not looking to get in over their head with a bulky bike or too much power.. looks like it would make a pretty sweet bobber..

Colin Bell says:

did this guy work on the muppet show, love the delivery, but couldn’t help it!!

G Webb says:

$4500 for a Suzuki endure. Sticker shock.

Tom Mabon says:

as a frend of mine would say “when I want your opinion I’ll give it to you”

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