Best motorcycle Sounds in the world 2018

Sportbikes Version

I am Not Securing any rights. All Videos i got from internet just to make a compilation video of altogether. Many people like to hear cruisers sounds so if u r one of them you surely like it.


Jhon floyd Pado says:

that orange color Harley are very cool..and that rider are very hot!!!

joseph. z says:


RusiTonkkari77 says:

Title should be renamed: GAYEST motorcycles in the world.

Nhol says:

XJ 6 🙂

Waz zeR says:

Where the blue bike promote in video here?.. none !

Estuardo says:

And to think that HD’s greatest overseas market in the world is actually Japan.

Fernando Garcia says:

Buena colección de motocultores

atilapapns says:

Harley Harley Harley bla bla bla. Not nice sound. Just loud.

Alister Flower says:

I don’t think you realise that all Harley’s sound the same

John says:

I bet @Motovlogger SID is one of those people who says “Get a real Bike” to people on Superbikes XD

Hye Dia says:

7:25 Captain America

Lee Justin says:

The all sound shit! Like building site dumper trucks.!!

Alcides Lara says:

5,000 cc??

Ian Fenwick says:

Not best sounding motorcycles its full of agricultural vehicles!

Anthony Lea says:

I just watched the crappest harley commercial…

hanlille 13 says:

If you the best sounding bike put the Aprilia RSV4 in the video

Zafar Sami says:

What’s with all the tiny men on sportsters? They make those bikes look big.

Q Nguyen says:

xe gì chạy kg thấy đi mà nghe la kg

3cushionTV says:

13:23 Yamaha 1500 TZM

さん やっ says:


TheHirade says:

Good: sound
Bad: no gear!

dustydean56 says:

There should have been a Norton Commando in the mix.

Lee Justin says:

My busa with yoshimura full system blows all this shit!

nEło says:

Honda Vf 1100 sabre.

ekа says:

Bad microphone — bad sound.

Josh Pixley says:

This video brought to you by Harley Davidson.

CWG says:


Ken says:

they all suck… HD sounds better than them all…….funny shit

Ruben Sahakian says:

Nice advertisement for moronic obnoxious loud pipes that Harley riders love and everybody else hate.My kids,neighbors don’t need to know that inside you are just scared kid scared of falling hence EVERYBODY MUST KNOW YOU ARE COMING!


cell phone video sounds sucks

Me Myself says:

Seems a little bias not to mention there are a lot of custom exhaust so I’m not sure what the basis is. It’s more of motor(Harleys mostly)cycles that you think sound good.

Pradana Mardhika says:

No helmet = Wish for Die

Uncle Tom says:

I think someone has the video and the sound mixed up, the sound is from a vintage tractor show I think!

israel fernandez says:

what about the ducatis. and aprilia?

Андрей Второв says:

Почему здесь нет УРАЛа?

Timotius Aprino says:

harley davidson is the best v-twin sound than indian or victory or kawasaki vulcan or honda vt

hermit dave says:

Harley Davidson: Heavy, slow, bolt loosening vibration, ugly and sounds like a mechanical fart. I’ll take the wail of an inline 3 or 4 any day

Sam Souissi says:

I must confess I’m not a RD fan and I’ll never buy one but you cannot bet the sound you just can’t

feri16 Ferdiansyah says:

06:38 like a boss

tanner carter says:

Not one of these bikes look even remotely comfortable to ride

Hubert Jadczak says:

I prefer the sound of BMW S1000RR

Chris Tidmas says:

My ears and eyes hurt so bad.

Rizal Jazz says:

Indonesian people : no helm? Oh he is bad people.

OL LW says:

Most of them are fucking pussies without proper gear…pathetic !

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