Best Motorcycle Half Helmets

Half helmet product links and timestamps:

0:27 – Bell Pit Boss:

1:45 – GMax GM65:

2:39 – Bell Rogue:

4:05 – HJC CS-2N Helmet:

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George Hinta says:

Damn I don’t even like half helmets, but the quality of each video you guys put up is amazing. Keep up the awesome work and reviews ❤️

Meat Shield says:

protect yourself; use a fullface

Name Surname says:

you really look like Stipe Miocic

William Kinnane says:

Gr8 review as always. You’re very generous for doing so much for no money.

Prashant G says:

Whats your opinion on getting a half helmet for slower vehicles like an electric scooter that has a top speed of no more than 35 to 40 mph? Would you still recommend a full helmet or you think one can get away with a half?

dave Slickpack says:

Half helmets are good for bicycles riders. I mean, safety aside, when was the last time you (say a dude), thought, “wow, that guy really looks cool in that half helmet cruising down the street?” Well… maybe, but not me. Protect your melon. Insurance rates will drop!

Rue Bob The Cat says:

well done its nice to see younger riders being honest useing education for explanation trying to get information from my fellow older theologens usealy ends with blaa blaa HARLEY rules there ideea of advice is based on there experance or a fellow rider who has had a bad experance and when it comes to helmets its an hour conversation about the RIGHT to ware one,
well done
be safe
and thank you

Tansengco Carmelo says:

I like half helmets for short, around town trips. Other than that, I like three quarter helmets best. I used to use full face helmets. I can’t stand the heat. I don’t ride like a road racer anyway.

Performance Decal says:

Hmm. doesn’t seem like the best person to review half helmets. Thumbs down

ithacam6 says:

I like the honest intro

FortNine says:

Half helmet product links and timestamps:
0:27 – Bell Pit Boss:
1:45 – GMax GM65:
2:39 – Bell Rogue:
4:05 – HJC CS-2N Helmet:

Tansengco Carmelo says:

I gave my first CS-2N to my friend. I’m a size large and that was an XL. I got a large last March. There were times when I felt a lot of pressure on my forehead, temples, back of my head. Now that it has totally broken-in, I love using it. Everything Ryan said in this review is true. I also love the very simple styling. I pair it with a pair of retro goggles and a cotton mask that has loops that you put over your ears to protect you from dust and diesel smoke. It’s perfect. If it wasn’t for the unpredictable weather, I’d like to use it to the mountains. By the way, mine’s a gloss black.

rockergod789 says:

can’t talk about the best half helmets without mentioning the motorcycle cop’s preferred brand: Super Seer. i have a family friend in law enforcement who got me one of these bad boys at police department price, and it fits like a glove!

Jean François Rompre says:


the mussle is really easy to put in … you just need to put it in front and magnet to the rest you only need to remove it by passing over the magnet this is made for dont loose it easealy

Sean Reeves says:

You are living in fear

Marco Salas says:

Lol dude you CAN adjust the muzzle smh

yossi4652 says:

why would anyone use half helmets???
how safe is that.

Doug Morgan says:

I have used the Bell Pitt Boss for the last few years and love it. Because of this review I decided to try a Gmax GM65. It was a very nice helmet but I did not like the fit at all. It sat very high on my head like a skull cap and wobbled from side to side on me. It left me with a very venerable feeling. Also as pointed out in the video the visor did not come down far enough for my liking either. As much as I liked how it looked and that the liner was removeable I sent it back and ordered a new Pitt Boss to replace my old one. To me it is a far superior helmet.

Jim Thompson says:

I wear a modular. Best of both worlds.
However, it amazes me all the people on the roads and highways on bicycles . Some move pretty quick, and close to speeding cars. Skinny tires, spandex, crazy helmets, no lights, no horn, weak brakes.

semtech30 says:

I use a half helmet. Less wind noise, more awareness of the environment around you. Lots of noise in a full helmet because your head is placed in a cathedral environment. Noise resinates throughout it. Like putting your ear to a sea shell. It’s a noise magnet. This noise is a distraction you don’t need. Yes a full face is preparing you for a crash. It’s no wonder, you can’t hear and vision is restricted.

jcf1057 says:

I ride a Harley, and I ride it all over the south and southwest U.S.. I take trips anywhere from 3 days to 14 days as often as I can. I wear a half helmet most of the time especially on short rides or around town. I carry  a 3/4 helmet with a face shield on the trips in case of rain. I wear a helmet even in states that do not require it. These are what I choose to wear and I am comfortable with the risk. You wear what you want to wear and let everybody else wear, or not wear, what they want. That is part of the “freedom” we claim to enjoy as bikers. You people need to get off the soapbox telling everyone else how stupid they are. It is just your opinion,, and just your head. Let everybody else worry about theirs. And remember, in all your self righteousness, there are way more people out there who don’t ride, who hate motorcycles and the people who ride them and they all think all of us are stupid and don’t deserve to be on the road no matter what kind of protective gear we could wear.

Lightning Brigade says:

Fact: There are more motorcycle crashes among crotch rocket riders with full face helmets then riders with a half shell helmet riding a cruiser motorcycle. I see it all the time working with the highway patrol.

Angus Rankin says:

All these helmets are extremely ugly

Gabby Hayes says:

I have this debate with myself all the time. I own a Shoei full face, Bell Pit Boss (half helmet), Bell custom 500 (3 qtr.), and numerous others. I wouldn’t ride a sport bike at the track, or my sport touring bike (Concours 14), with anything other than the full face. But when I’m on my Street Glide, I prefer the half or 3 qtr. unless it’s very cold riding conditions. I know it makes no sense at all, the full face is the safest and most logical choice for all riding situations. But, it does detract from the riding experience on a cruiser IMHO.

gcdiver says:

I want to buy an inexpensive helmet to go through the MFS course, in case I don’t like it there is no huge investment. Looking at the Outlaw brand of half helmet (T70 model) found on for about $40. Any thoughts or experience with this brand? If I like motorcycling, then I am looking at the HJC IS 17. Tried one on today at my local dealership and really liked it. Thanks Ryan! Love your channel.

optimusprymate says:

Is this kid even old enough to ride?

tigerbalm says:

Or a wang head..

Bob Yeaman says:

How well does it adapt to the unclear system?

Clayton Pulley says:

FortNine, great review, you know your stuff and you present it well. I personally don’t like the full face models,they feel restrictive and seem to limit your peripheral view. I don’t catch much wind because I now ride a ‘geezer Glide’ 2016 Road Glide CVO. the half helmet with the pull down shield for rain works just fine. You next review should include the Voss DOT 888CF Bullet Cruiser Half Helmet, very light, comfortable and includes a drop down shield, as well. In my humble opinion, if you are riding fast and eat it, the difference between the full and half helmet is the difference between an ‘open casket and a closed casket’. Apologies for the dark humor. All the best

Ray Wickham says:

Bell Pit Boss has an optional clear visor for about $8

M Nabavi says:

millenials are very particular about protection and gear. wheelies and triple digit speeds in the city are perfectly fine though.

AE86 of Mt. Akina says:

Wow the comments are shitty.

Here’s what I’ll say:

Do what ever the fuck you want.

You want to be more safe by wearing full face helmet? Go for it. Jaw injuries suck. You don’t have to justify that to anyone.

You want to go a little more raw with a half helmet? Go for it. To some it’s worth it. The breeze is nice in a lot of areas. You don’t have to justify that to anyone.

Lynn Michel says:

pit boss offers a clear shield as an after market purchase.

excelerater says:

half helmets are fine as long as you have a windshield but no shield and your hitting bugs and rocks

G Coy says:

You fucking millennial twink

MrEye4get says:

Sean Reeves rides naked! Live life to the fullest!

MrMister1227 says:

Stupidest thing out there, only reason to buy this is if u live in California and want people to think your a “Harley riding bad ass”

RobBroderick44 says:

The problem with half helmets is that you look like a complete goofball while wearing these….. And the problem list goes on ….

cary pipes says:


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