Ariel Rider N-Series Video Review – Chopper Style Electric Bike The Ariel Rider N-Series is a powerful electric cruiser with unique battery box design reminiscing of vintage motorcycles, three color choices for the box, fenders and chain guard including red, black and beige. Integrated LED lights by Spanninga, comfortable CST balloon tires with reflective sidewall stripes and a generic flick bell are included standard which improve visibility and safety. Powerful 500 watt geared motor, large 48 volt battery and adjustable speed settings (password protected) make this a versatile platform, solid 160 mm mechanical disc brakes with motor inhibitors stop well. The battery pack is not designed to be removable for charging off the bike or reducing weight during transport and the weight is a bit higher than a downtube or seat tube pack.


Leamon Miller says:

I am saving up to get my first ebike. Can I get some help?

Alex Jones says:

The red bike reminds me of an early Indian motorcycle

ForbinColossus says:

Has nice quality details. Love that the throttle can deliver full power at any setting. Huge feature to me that makes an ebike fun. I am still more a haibike FS MTB preferrer.

wb6uce says:

Show the )(*&^%## bike. we know what the breaded guy looks like!

DrZarkloff says:

it looks really cool but the gas tank screams cop magnet.

Dean Botton says:

Until the bike falls over & snaps that key in half

Lurking Crass Zero says:

Lovely looking bike. You review a lot of e-bikes mate. Do you have a personal fave?

cigaro says:

frankly its stupid not to offer a product online in this day and age

Fred Brands says:

These bikes are different from the ones we see here in Holland. These are more fun. I would buy one immediately


How long, fast, and does it last from Featherstone to Manassas?

Helena Wolfenstein says:

I bought my ariel rider last month. Really happy with performance. Also i ordered a customized covers. Really love riding and getting all the looks.

Kyle Sherman says:

sweet bike dudes…please make a dual shock version people

Michael Caffey says:

I don’t see myself buying an electric bike for at least a couple more years, just because of money. That being said, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and detail you put into your videos. I have been watching them for over a year now, just to check out whats new out there.


Helena Wolfenstein says:

schön fahrrad .

Richard Day says:

Really ugly and old fashioned .

Mark Elford says:

Nice machine.

Maggie Tang says:

My boyfriend has one of those and heis so much in love with the bike. He said it is one of the fastest and most comfortable e-bike .

EnhancedNightmare says:

I dig the design very much. Those guys know how to do a good looking cruiser type bike. I especially like the old-school suspension in the front. Reminds me of the bikes from the 1930’s.

Andy hoff says:

batteries are expensive. I don’t like how you can NOT easily remove for anti-theft or easy remote charging

Sunlite sells this disc brake Springer fork on Amazon $130.

Casey Neistat says:

As the road bike with drop bars is the most aerodynamic I would like to see more road bikes as I can only see just a few for sale world wide.

minnie saab says:

the guy with strange accent is really cute !

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