Amazing Mini Chopper Motorcycle 2017

Amazing Mini Chopper Motorcycle 2017

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khang channel says:

Ghost rider

Baba Love says:

These bikes sounds lovely like americans are farting

DragonKnighte2798 says:

where did you get them?

G.R, Dray says:

Nice. But they don’t tell where we can get one.

Noah Vagaj says:

Where can i get one

Denisuujh Erazo says:

estoi en cansas cyti necesito moto para niño de 11 q sea de gas imforme 913 258 94 83

Darrell Fraser says:


Rayat Best video says:


John Ratko says:

Stingray, racing slick, tiny front tire, sissy bar, banana seat, *butterfly handlebars, stick shifter…

vincent yap says:

the choppers are not small so do not call it mini chopper

Christopher González says:

I’m thinking about making my own simple chopper. It would be nice to be able to use my powerimig welder for something creative like that.

antonio herbas says:

HOM DO I get a bike from this?

Mike .R. says:

04:20 It’s a proven fact – kids with buck teeth shouldn’t ride mini bikes. Once those pieces of wood are moved, that thing’s toast.

Chris R says:

the blue one

Wrath45 says:

Not a chopper fan but this is sweet. I’d buy a bike this size for my boy

Corey Slater says:

how embarrassing

Slick Wally says:

Where are these hunk of shits made….Cuba?

R1 Menace says:

first mini chopper with a bong for an engine.

The Greasy Strangler says:

chopper mopedcycle

Kimberly Lancaster says:


Mr_Wizard says:

I did not see the clock bait picture, in the video

shawn chartrand says:

so many people get ripped off buying these bikes it’s fucking amazing . just goes to show how stupid people with money can be . but they can afford to lose the money anyways . a friend payed for 2 of these bikes and never got them .Huge scams using these bikes . only buy in person NEVER online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigMonkeyGrip says:

How cool are these? Where were they when I was a kid!!!!

Gilberto Gutierrez says:

they are sick . Lot of work there. back in the day, the’60’s, we would put chainsaw engines on mini-choppers. Radical! Nitro-methane and methanol fuel mixture. Hot little choppers!!!

Taxed to death says:

That bike at the 5:00 mark has the worst possible spot for the exhaust. Its aimed right at the riders NUTS!
The dude that took off on the bike at the 10:00 mark was never seen again…that happens when you put the foot pegs and brakes on the front end, the front end where you steer! The pegs are where you apply pressure for handling. Its so low to the ground that 1 good “Huck a buck”, and with foot on the front end, makes a Peron dissapear! Lmao

George Micheal says:

what kills me they put all this work in there little mini and they put lawn mower engines on them and then these grown men think there cool owning them like there on a Harley LOL

Demetrus Smith says:

where can i buy one

Anthony P says:

What the hell is that tiny V-twin?? I want one!


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