2017 Honda Rebel 500 Review | 4K

Honda Rebel has never been aimed at highly experienced riders, and the same holds true for the latest generation of Rebels arriving at dealerships this month. The new Rebel 300 is motivated by the 286cc single-cylinder from the CB300F and CBR300R, and a review of that manageable $4,399 cruiser will soon be seen on these digital pages. The new Rebel 500 is pretty much identical to the 300 except for the 471cc parallel-Twin engine (from Honda’s CB500 series) residing in the bike’s trellis frame. It retails for $5,999. Adding ABS to each is an extra $300.

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Drew Cyr says:

Whats the mpg on the 2017 honda rebel 500? Text it to me at 334-343-9366 anyone ill take my comment down when i get a response I plan to get one but the dealership that has one in stocl couldnt get me an answer if I paid him for it -_-

Eric Miranda says:

Nice bike. Too bad could not ride on Highway do the lack of engine cc..

Flame Phoenix says:


That TCAT says:

Awesome video, Seriously going to check this bike out.

Karunakar Pradhan says:

Japanese Motorcycles are good but they are not magical, always thought they have a lose character. oh come on please throw some sense in engineerity. hope to see more character!

BigChiefWiggles V says:

God damn that is ugly!

Noel Robichaud says:

Not a Greek philosoper Trell- Ees! It’s Trell-Ess! But otherwise nice review and ride. Thank you!

JP rawr XD says:

I wanna get into riding but I don’t know shit. What’s ABS?

Danyiel Brustmeyer says:

Hello @Motorcycle.com what kind of helmet camera are you using? Great video and audio!

hayden gammel says:

4:45 lol “har RighPMs”

Scott Shriver-Cartoonist says:

I’ve heard some real bitching about the looks of this bike online. me? I dig it. In fact, I think I’m getting one. The price is right, it looks cool, fuel injected. I don’t care if the hard-core bikers won’t have any respect for me on it, I’m not buying it to impress them….

armando quezada says:

this is my next bike for sure 🙂

scragsma says:

Stretched out arms may be great for some riders, but for many, including most women, it’s a distraction and hampers balance seriously. VERY huge drawback to this bike. Manufacturers are pretending to make bikes more suited for women, but they still don’t get it. The huge exhaust pipe, also, does nothing but get in the way, destroying the narrow profile.

ตั้งชื่อจริง นามสกุล says:


Juan Ochoa says:

would this be a good bike for a first time rider?

xavi86bgd says:

does it have a gear indicator ?

smokeybirdman says:

She’s beautiful

GURken says:

this or vulcan s?

C Dykhuizen says:

Lane splitting should be made legal everywhere.

milanistimontenegro says:

Hey man i really like your reviews and videos and wanted to ask you something: Is rebel 500 small for me. I am 1.85m and 110kg. Cheers!

VYM's Playpen says:

Sitting position same when im taking a shit. Made test drive and bought Honda Steed.

Marshall Mayes says:

the old rebel looked better

john rickard says:

Could have ironed that tee shirt bud

French Montana says:

They need to start making liters like the Sportster. Until then, it’s a chick bike. That’s coming from a guy who rides a 390 Duke.

Ronald Jones says:


Savage Nomad says:

Damn! I want one! I’ve been riding bicycles for years, time for me to kick it up a notch.

Whiskey tit says:

beautiful bike

sahmadi1000 says:

I wonder what do you get going from air cool twin cyl, with carb to liquid cooled, fuel injected with computer? Does it start and run any smoother or just complicates things?

Ed Mathews says:

I don’t think I’ll ever believe that lane splitting is safe. I’m on the east coast and I cringe when I see this on a video. Our cagers would purposely close the door on you.

Sherri M says:


Luciano Xavier dos Santos says:

Sera que essa moto vai ser lançada aqui no Brasil.

germanobr says:

Go to Brazil Rebel 500cc. We loved this machine!!!

juan def says:

I love the vintage look.. relaxed seating position.. reminds me of the kinda bike Logan may ride

Sergio Sadam says:

Tenho uma CB 500X. Motor ótimo, econômico e anda direitinho. Faz 28 a 29 km/l a 100 km/h na estrada.
Sobre a Rebel 500, vi muitas qualidades, porém alguns defeitos ridículos, mas a Honda sempre tem que fazer motos e deixar defeitos ridículos.
1 – Painel sem contagiros e sem indicador de marchas, o que seria ideal, pois este motor em quinta ou em sexta confunde o piloto, por terem relações muito próximas. Qualquer motinha chinesa tem indicador de marchas;
2 – Tanque muito pequeno: Apenas 11 litros no Brasil, onde não podemos confiar em qualquer posto de gasolina e nos obrigando a abastecer aos 250 km rodados por medida de segurança. Sem falar no computador de bordo da linha 500 que de forma idiota não nos deixa ver outros dados quando entra no odômetro de reserva de combustível;
3 – Conforto da garupa: por que aquele banco ridículo, se a ideia é ser uma moto estradeira? Vamos ter que gastar quase R$ 1.000,00 para instalar um banco decente?
4 – Farol: porque não colocar logo um de led? É a Honda guardando melhorias para daqui a um ano;
5 – Parabrisa: devia existir, afinal, na estrada é muito útil;
6 – Guidão: deveria ser mais elevado e mais perto do piloto;
7 – Protetor de bengalas deveria ser disponibilizado de fábrica.
1 – Design muito bonito;
2 – Pneus de perfil mais alto, o que melhora o conforto;
3 – Desempenho aceitável, considerando o excelente consumo;
4 – Freios ABS bons;
5 – Pedaleiras mais avançadas, melhorando muito o conforto.
Preço: não há por que custar mais do que a CB 500F. Nada justifica um preço maior.

Motorcycles Review says:

Nice review mate and Interesting place to review. I love the new design. It will be a huge seller as it fills a void in the mc world

Chris Hayes says:

lovely shot video! awesome bike

Faisal Qureshi says:

nice bike

Motorcycle.com says:

We apologize for the low camera angle on the action camera footage. We will try to prevent it from happening again. We hope you enjoyed the video! We have been trying harder to improve our videos.

SomeGladMorn says:

Man I miss lane splitting! The only good thing in CA period.

uweyaa says:


Its Yit says:

What do you do for tail lights when you remove the back???

Jake Reid says:

Is it common practice to be going in between cars like that on the highway? Seems dangerous for all parties involved. 3:25 and 3:31 for example

ZIPPER978 says:

I ride a dyna wide glide and i think this is a cool starter bike

Jules Goossens says:

Remote lap chapter tide courage reduce no bunch.

theoracle42 says:

Another asshole that thinks it’s ok to drive between cars

Cam Stan says:

Pffft, this bike is fucking cool. Exactly what ive been thinking of as a beginner. I wants one.

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