2007 custom bobber

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brandon caleb says:

I’d love to ride this

Dennis Schell says:

Way cool but the crooked bars drive me crazy!

daniel bean says:

Sounds like a tractor

witteman adrian says:

Sean, i love this bike!

James Arwood says:

Ok ok I was confused until I payed close attention it was confusing me how it was shifting w/o the clutch. I then noticed at the part when he stopped and started again I then saw how he was changing gears

Dreyn 77 says:

These things are death traps and as a company you should avoid them. Millions of bike riders have died riding the stock bikes and no bike contains a design which is built differently based on the fact millions of riders failed while riding safe bikes. Millions of uneducated people think they’re bike designers and more advanced than Harley themselves! You need to put a STOP to all this mad behaviour of bike riders! Your company is a social blockade and you need to do some stopping of this death trap type product. Once a Harley has a non Harley issue product put on the major part of the bike, the bike must be called a non Harley product and it is to get a ranking of almost zero and the Harley product is to be at the ranking of 99% perfect. 100 years of fame MUST clearly out rank an home built piece of crap! You might soon realise that heavy modified bikes must be broken up and sold as parts.

Peter says:

Yep, just a new set of bars and a clutch lever, front fender… suspension frame… and that thing would be perfect.

Hasan Zayyad says:

what is that type of handlebar called? i cant find it anywhere

Painter D says:

Ya, that’s sick alright. Another flat black piece of crap. sounds like crap, looks like crap. Looks like you’re going to a funeral….your own!


Omgggg the lip smacking totally kills these motovlog type of vids for me! 🙁

CountryHouseGent says:

Did anyone else see the bee ?


Erick de viking says:

Hate it.

captainengland says:

1st time i ever ever saw a clutch like that.amazing

CB Keith says:

Great video!

amandeep bajwa says:

Got pigs ear and turn it on like accelerate.


Shaun what would u give me for my 2001 custom Harley Davidson road glide. I have 2 videos on my channel. One of them I uploaded the other day.

Brian Zaborowski says:

Really cool bike, 2 things I never saw before … rear sprocket/caliper combo and a twist clutch. I’m so jealous of you Sean, this has to be one of the best jobs in the world I’d love to have, riding so many different bikes and making vids … I would almost do that for free! Next time I’m looking for a new bike I would definitely love to deal with you guys. Matter of fact I was thinking of making a change now, but I think it may have to wait a bit because I’m in too deep on my Harley right now …. actually thinking about switching to a nice, clean low mile Royal Star Venture, but not sure until I ride one. Not sure if I would be disappointed going from a strong running 103 with a tuner/ 2-1 exhaust to a 79 C.I engine. I wouldn’t mind hooking up with you guys even for just a ride sometime and shoot the breeze, I’m only about 4 hrs. away in Pittsburgh.

bacorable says:

junky death trap ego feeder

korbin varney says:


stufoo says:

pretty intuitive clutch system if you asked me – never seen one but very cool +150 style points

Jarrell Reeder says:

Sick bike would like to ride one

Mark Nycz says:

This video reminds of me an old (bad) FPS video game lol cool looking bike tho

Danny Rumbles says:

Nice bike, but I’d have to put a regular clutch lever on that bad boy.’

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